This Stackable Jewelry Organizer From Amazon Fixed My Dresser Clutter

The design is a total dupe for more expensive versions from Pottery Barn and The Container Store.

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September 24, 2020

Photo by: Rachael A. Jones

Rachael A. Jones

I am a total magpie for costume jewelry and vintage baubles, but the stacks of jewelry boxes on my dresser were getting out of hand. It was starting to look like a department store. And then the items I did have in cute little jewelry cases made it worse because necklaces and bracelets got tangled into a nightmare ball of knotted chains. I knew I needed a one-stop, catch-all vessel for my collection/hoard, but I don’t have the floor space for a jewelry armoire. Enter stackable sorting trays.

Photo by: Rachael A. Jones

Rachael A. Jones

Stackable trays have saved my dresser top and magically erased all signs of former clutter. These storage systems allow you to add more trays as you go and make it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for — no digging or rummaging around! There are some high-end trays out there such as this chic set from Pottery Barn (for a whopping $49 a tray!) or these pretty blush trays from The Container Store; but to get the amount of storage I needed, those were out of my budget. I stumbled upon these less expensive trays from Vlando on Amazon and now I’m obsessed.

The large box system starts with a bundle of four trays plus a lid for less than $60, and you can purchase additional trays for about $19 each. I ended up buying two additional trays for a total stack of six. The trays themselves are about 11 inches across: perfect if you’re short on counter space. There are several tray types to choose from so that every bauble has its place, from cushioned trays just for earrings and rings to large grids for bracelets and necklaces to super-small grids for tiny brooches and pins. This attention to detail and design for different kinds of jewelry has made it so easy for me to organize my trays by jewelry type and also by theme. I now have a dedicated tray just for my wedding jewelry and family heirlooms. Pro tip: Store pearls in their own tray because chemicals from costume jewelry or cheap fashion jewelry can cause luster to fade or the pearls to deteriorate. And I also have two trays for my kooky collection of statement earrings. But the best part: all of my necklace chains are sorted and there’s no more tangled ball of hell.

The exterior looks great, too. The trays come in a faux leather white, taupe and pink. I was tempted by the pink but ultimately opted for white. And it doesn’t look cheap. The faux gold hardware on top coordinated with my dresser’s brass pulls. Now, the faux “suede” on the inside isn’t super luxe. More expensive jewelry boxes and organizers have real, thick velvet inserts. That’s something to consider if you’re storing antiques or fine jewelry. But I don’t mind the “velvet-like” finish. It’s still super soft and sufficiently cushioned.

I did not downsize or part with any bauble in my switch to the tray system, and yet it feels like I did, because I have so much more real estate on my dresser now. Some of my coolest pieces were forgotten because they were out of sight, out of mind. Now not only is the mess contained, but I can easily see all of my jewelry at once.

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