Uma Stewart Interiors & Lifestyle is a full service interior design firm located in Northern New Jersey. We work with clients anywhere who desire a beautiful and luxurious home that is also warm and welcoming enough for family and close friends. We are all about executing finished designs with lifestyle in mind, so that clients can enjoy their spaces completely.

The key principles in our approach to interiors are:

  • wow factor: spaces that have the feeling of being something beyond the ordinary
  • family friendly: mixing the formal with the informal to create spaces that nurture the whole family
  • custom: giving clients items that are uniquely designed for them
  • boutique service: personalized and friendly service that provides a more seamless experience
  • a worldly perspective: giving spaces a personally curated feel with books, art, and accessories

The key tools we use in our projects are:

  • great floor plans
  • adjustments to interior architecture (redoing things like fireplace mantels, tile, moldings, doors, fixtures, etc.)
  • unique fabrics
  • custom cabinetry and furniture
  • lifestyle curation, including original art, books, sculpture, pottery, and other accessories

I design for the lifestyle of a busy family. Aesthetically I like things cultured, current, and striking.

Many of us do not get to spend as much time as we'd like in our homes. Our lives are driven by work, activity, and commitments. These routines can weigh us down if we do not make space for enjoyments in our daily living.

If I'm running between work meetings and taking my son to swimming lessons, all while texting and emailing, catching glimpses of art and my record collection in a beautiful spot reminds me to slow down and appreciate. A well-designed eating area inspires me to set the table and be present with my family. And a stylish home office reminds me that while I work hard, I enjoy the rewards of it too.

At Uma Stewart Interiors & Lifestyle, we want our spaces to be the antidote to busy routines and demanding workplaces. This means that they need to accommodate all of life's activity while also encouraging some down time and fun as well.

I design cultured spaces that have a thoughtful touch running through them. I like it when rooms feel collected and layered, even while they have an overall clean look. I have an intense love of books, art, music, and conversation. To me they draw out all that is special about human experience. I design rooms that incorporate this "stuff" of life.

Modern living dictates how we live in our spaces and it is very important for homes to feel current even if they reach back to tradition to retain a sense of comfort. That requires editing and a careful mixing of styles.

Well designed rooms should also be striking. If we don't notice our environment how can we appreciate it? Being a little bit bold gives things a distinct sense of personality, and gives your guests something to look at and talk about too.

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