Contemporary Guest Bathroom

Designer Andrea Wachs mixes natural and industrial materials to create a modern guest bathroom.

Stunning Guest Bathroom

The homeowner wanted a bathroom that would wow his frequent guests, so designer Andrea Wachs combines beautiful natural stones and industrial metals to create a contemporary, showstopping bathroom.
From: Andrea Wachs

Concrete Ramp Sink

The showpiece of the bathroom is the concrete ramp sink that spans the width of the room. An oversized steel-framed mirror helps to expand the small space.
From: Andrea Wachs

Industrial Pendants

Square pendant lights add to the industrial feel of the bathroom. They're hung low in front of the mirror so that the light is reflected, essentially doubling the light they produce.
From: Andrea Wachs

Graphic Artwork

Distressed rectangular tiles are used on all the walls and soffits to create a seamless look in the bathroom, while lighter tiles laid on the horizontal visually break the space. An abstract piece of artwork fits in perfectly with the industrial, earthy look of the room.
From: Andrea Wachs

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