Find Design Inspiration in These Gorg Hanging Gardens

Inspiration abounds in these DIY and award-winning hanging gardens.

Photo By: Joyce Mason Monheim

Photo By: APLD

Photo By: The Home Depot

Photo By: The Home Depot

Photo By: Ryan Benoit Design

Photo By: APLD

Photo By: APLD

Photo By: APLD

Photo By: APLD

Photo By: Jamie Durie

Photo By: Lori Johnston

Photo By: Terrain

Photo By: Ryan Benoit Photo

Dangling Orbs

Simple succulents are grouped together in hanging glass orbs. A wide opening allows you to create a mini-garden inside each one, while hooks at the top encourage multiple strand extensions.

Wall of Greenery

The rooftop garden on this round clubhouse, surrounded by high-rise apartments in Bangalore, India, needed to provide a spectacular view for both clubhouse guests inside and apartment residents outside. Joly John of Shibanee & Kamal Architects created a hanging garden that provides a living focal point.

Colorful Punch

Bright green pots complement natural green herbs in a hanging garden on a deck. Eileen Beaver, who blogs at A Creative Day, created this hanging herb planter.

Herbs on Display

Colorful pots are hung on shower rods using shower hooks to elevate this home's herb garden off the ground. Blogger Eileen Beaver of A Creative Day used chalkboard labels on the pots that make it easy to switch out the plantings.

Attention to Detail

Repurposed cartouche boxes, found at military supply stores and online, make perfect planters for a hanging garden. A concealed drip irrigation system waters all 10 planters for one minute each day, says designer Ryan Benoit. Draining water cascades down to the planter below. 

Poolside Garden

Lush landscaping surrounds a pristine pool outside of a community clubhouse, creating a perfect gathering spot. Long green plantings drape over the clubhouse roof, giving the building a strong connection to its outdoor environment.  The "Windmills of Your Mind" project by Joly John of Shibanee & Kamal Architects in Bangalore, India, won a 2015 Association of Professional Landscape Designers award.

Rooms With a View

A circular clubhouse at the foot of several high-rise apartment buildings is the focal point for this Bangalore, India, landscape project by Joly John of Shibanee & Kamal Architects. Hanging foliage cascades over the rooftop garden and is reflected in the clear water of the pool, which is spanned by a glass-sided bridge.

Expansive Rooftop Garden

Wisps of hanging foliage spill over a rooftop oasis in the heart of Bangalore, India. Designer Joly John of Shibanee & Kamal Architects created the rooftop garden with a repeated pattern of foliage inspired by the circular nature of the building's architecture and the idea of windmills.

Walkway Wonder

A hanging garden creates a green accent along a walkway, hiding the community clubhouse behind it and giving pedestrians an escape from the bustle of Bangalore, India. The "Windmills of Your Mind" project by Joly John of Shibanee & Kamal Architects was an Association of Professional Landscape Designers 2015 winner.

Pretty Pockets

Wide, staggered pockets and a built-in irrigation drip in this vertical greenwall blanket make hanging and grouping plants of all sizes easy. The 70-inch by 70-inch blanket by designer Jamie Durie attaches to a fence or wall and has a waterproof backing to minimize water contact on the wall.

Focal Point

Hanging gardens come in all sizes. For maximum impact, this massive wall at Avalon, a mixed-use development in metro Atlanta, features a wide variety of plantings. People living in the apartments above shops have a stunning view of this oversized vertical garden.

Air Plant Art

For a low-maintenance indoor garden, cluster several tillandsia together and step away. This large-scale air plant grows without soil, extracting its needed nutrients from air and water. These giant tillandsia are from Terrain.

Over the Top

A rat tail cactus (Disocactus flagelliformis) reaches toward the ground as it spills over this hanging basket. Its bright pink bloom brings the attention back up to the metal container selected by designer Ryan Benoit.

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