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Find Design Inspiration in These Gorg Hanging Gardens

Inspiration abounds in these DIY and award-winning hanging gardens.

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Photo: Joyce Mason Monheim

Dangling Orbs

Simple succulents are grouped together in hanging glass orbs. A wide opening allows you to create a mini-garden inside each one, while hooks at the top encourage multiple strand extensions.

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Photo: APLD

Wall of Greenery

The rooftop garden on this round clubhouse, surrounded by high-rise apartments in Bangalore, India, needed to provide a spectacular view for both clubhouse guests inside and apartment residents outside. Joly John of Shibanee & Kamal Architects created a hanging garden that provides a living focal point.

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Photo: The Home Depot

Colorful Punch

Bright green pots complement natural green herbs in a hanging garden on a deck. Eileen Beaver, who blogs at A Creative Day, created this hanging herb planter.

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Photo: The Home Depot

Herbs on Display

Colorful pots are hung on shower rods using shower hooks to elevate this home's herb garden off the ground. Blogger Eileen Beaver of A Creative Day used chalkboard labels on the pots that make it easy to switch out the plantings.

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