Trend-Spotting at the Chelsea Flower Show

Some of the gardening world's most design-savvy and fashionable people strut their stuff at the Chelsea Flower Show. Find out what hot trends are capturing their imaginations.

The Orb Reigned Supreme

British designers incorporated plenty of sculptural elements into their garden designs at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show, with orbs crafted from natural forms like pebbles and willow branches providing graphic punctuation.

Vibrant Color

This stunning container in a memorable orange would bring panache to any garden.

Butterfly Bonnets

Beautifully constructed hats are always trending at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Garden Drama

Dramatic sculptural forms are a frequent motif at the Chelsea Flower Show.

British Bench

A beautiful metal circular bench gets some British flair.

Abstract Flower

Garden art formed from natural forms were a frequent feature at Chelsea, including these flowers crafted from steel and woven willow by artist Rachel Carter. The garden mulch in the foreground is formed from shredded rubber.

Flowers and Fruit

Several Chelsea exhibitors illustrated the new trend of incorporating edibles into their floral arrangements.

Ivy Garland

Chelsea is the Olympics of gardening. But gardening is a gold medal event 365 days a year in London where every nook and cranny of the city has been green-primped. These gorgeous London window boxes sport garlands of ivy that echo the bas relief pattern on the containers.

Floral Finery

The men were as dapper as the women at Chelsea.

Gorgeous Color and Container

This beautifully weathered container benefits from clever plantings that work both horizontally and vertically.

A Lovely Resting Spot

Benches are an art form at Chelsea, like this simple but sophisticated version.

Slate Path

Designers created innovative uses for commonplace materials like this pathway created with slate arranged vertically.

Witty Weather Vane

The British are known for their wit and that applies to gardening too. This clever weather vane illustrates the local talent for injecting humor into unexpected places.

Gravel Yin and Yang

This clever cacti garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, created an interesting design effect with contrasting shades of gravel and stone.

Color Therapy

This bright and bountiful arrangement gets an additional color boost from the charming enamel metal container and a hot pink garden shed.

Sunken Garden Room

Sunken garden rooms were a big trend at Chelsea, providing shelter from the wind and a wonderful view of the garden's green splendor.

A Roof Garden

Green walls are a big theme at the Chelsea Flower Show this year. This living wall is designed by Nigel Dunnett for the RBC Blue Water Roof Garden that imagines an urban rooftop garden as a way to bring greenery into the city in new form.

Green "Islands"

Designers at Chelsea feature an incredible degree of detail in their designs. Small and large, rounded "islands" of green were a frequent motif at Chelsea like these graduated clusters of saxifraga 'White Star' created by designer Patrick Collins.

Vintage Gnomes

Previously banned from the Chelsea Flower Show, the gnome was given a temporary reprieve in 2013. This gorgeous—pricey—vintage gnome was for sale at one of the Chelsea dealers' booths.

Giant Gnome

This mega-gnome stood guard at the entrance to the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show.

Roses Galore

Roses in every shape, size, color and cultivar were huge at the Chelsea Flower Show.


One of the bodacious bonnets at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show.

Dapper Man

Sharp headgear was much in evidence at the Chelsea Flower Show for both ladies and gents.

Kickin' It With a Kilt

Some of the Chelsea Flower Show participants highlighted not just their floral-love, but their national allegiances, in their choice of dress.

Cultivated Clothing

Love for gardening extended to the attire at Chelsea. This gentleman demonstrated his green-love with his socks, botanical jacket and a posy in his breast pocket.

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