10 Millennial Pink Plants You Need Now

Check out these pretty florals and foliage to deck out your home in millennial pink. We’ve rounded up our favorites from houseplants to landscaping.

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Oh, peonies. The starlet of the bridal world. The soft, feathery petals make a big impact in bouquets but they don’t come cheap, especially out of season. If you have your heart set on a wedding showered in pink peonies, make sure you plan your big day between April and June when these flowers are in season and prices go down.


Today, carnations are overshadowed by trendy peonies and ranunculus but this ancient flower has an incredible endurance that keeps it a mainstay for florists. Seriously, carnations just don’t wilt. They can last for weeks in an arrangement if you change the water often. There’s also deep symbolism that goes back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. The flowers represent love, purity and gratitude. While carnations can appear in almost any color, the OG hues in soft pinks and peach are very close to millennial pink.


Nothing says spring like a bouquet of tulips from the farmer’s market. But even though these bulbs make pretty Instagrams, they tend to sag in vases just 24 hours in. If you want the look of fresh cut tulips all year long, try faux florals such as this designer arrangement from Neiman Marcus.

Rose Bush

A rose bush or rose bed can bring major curb appeal to a front walkway. And if you want an explosion of millennial pink, it’s okay to plant outside the lines. "Do not be afraid to plant roses close to paths or seats where they may spill over,” says rosarian Michael Marriott. “Their proximity makes it all the better for appreciating their beautiful flowers and delicious fragrances."


This perennial darling is the crown jewel of Southern style, from landscaping to wedding bouquets to tablescapes. Though beautiful, hydrangeas are temperamental. They wilt fast. Be careful when cutting stems as any air bubbles that enter the stem will accelerate wilting. To prevent this, place the stem under water and cut at an angle while submerged. Hydrangeas are also particular about soil. If you want millennial pink but have blue or purple flowers, you’ll need to change the acidity in the soil. Less acidic and more mineral-rich, or alkaline soil, will produce bright pink blooms.

Cherry Blossom

Japanese cherry trees make the most impact in groups. There’s nothing like a canopy of these pink flowers in the spring. And if you haven’t seen the cherry blossom festival in Washington D.C., put it on your bucket list. The National Mall and many popular monuments are bathed in millennial pink blooms, creating unique photo opt you can only get once a year.


In September, it’s all about the dahlia. These vibrant flowers can bloom in a range of color, from deep reds and purples to pure white. And these blooms can be massive. Want a millennial pink forest in your backyard? The dinner plate dahlia can grow as high as five feet tall with flowers ranging from 10-12 inches wide.


"Camellia japonica 'Magnoliaeflora’, with its blush-pink blooms, is a good choice for winter color if you live in a mild region of the U.S.," says HGTV gardening expert Lynn Coulter. Several winter camellias come in millennial pink such as the semi-double flower April's Blush or the early-blooming Debutante.

Sorbonne Oriental Lily

The Sorbonne Oriental Lily is as pretty as it is fragrant. The summer flowers can scent an entire yard. If you're sensitive to perfume, don't use this flower in bouquets or table arrangements.

Urn Plant

Bromeliads are having a moment in interior design. But these trendy, tropical plants need shade so make sure you don't put one in direct sunlight. The Aechmea fasciata, or urn plant variety, produces a whimsical flower that looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book with a millennial pink base and red and purple accents.

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