20 Unique Space-Saving Solutions for Your Home

If you’ve made the commitment to downsizing, tiny house living or perhaps you’re outfitting a dorm room, we’ve rounded up 20 space-saving furniture pieces and accessories. From silicone bottles that roll up for storage to a bookcase that transforms into a table and chairs, we found a little something for everyone, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Photo By: Arco

Photo By: Lago

Photo By: Arco

Photo By: Karakter

Photo By: My Own Space

Photo By: Lago

Photo By: Karakter

Photo By: Karakter

Photo By: SCAD

Photo By: SCAD

Photo By: SCAD

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Photo By: Lisa Sundin

Photo By: Lisa Sundin

Photo By: Sakura Adachi

Photo By: Sakura Adachi

Photo By: Sakura Adachi

Photo By: Stellar Works

Photo By: My Own Space

Photo By: My Own Space

It’s a Set Up

We’re flipping out over these minimalist tables from the Netherlands. Made from solid steel and wood by Arco, arrange them horizontally when you need a bench or coffee table. If space is limited, flip it vertically and it becomes an end table. Nesting multiples are architecturally pleasing, and when not in use, flip them over on their faces to store blankets or storage bins.

Sleeping in the Clouds

Bedtime is fun time thanks to the Cloud Bed by Lago. Suspended off the ground, kids will love sleeping in their own little loft, and parents will appreciate the storage space underneath. And if you’re really strapped for space, use the top of the Cloud for storing even more.

Lean on Me

The precarious-looking and space-saving Arco Pivot is a solid wood cabinet that was designed with the concept of storing all smaller everyday items in one place. What is unique about the design is that the drawers can hinge so that you can open both drawers at the same time. That way you can easily deposit keys, devices, sunglasses, day planners and mail and then actually know where it is later.

A Step Up

Inspired by florists’ stands that were once found on Italian town squares, the Rampa is one of our favorite multifunctioning pieces in this roundup. The steps, which boast hidden storage, can be used for books or decorative items. On the other side it opens up, revealing a writing desk, two more compartments and six drawers. It’s on casters, and we think it would make a great bar cart.

Hanging Around

This floor-to-ceiling freestanding bookcase is sure to turn heads. The "Albero" can be anchored anywhere in the room and is capable of spinning 360 degrees. Re-issued by Poltrona Frau, Italian designer Gianfranco Frattini originally created this piece in the 1950s. We see it as a work of art that also functions as a bookcase.

I Need Some Space

LagoLinea Desk, a space-saving lightweight desk seen here in action with the Cloud Bed, is perfect for children’s and teenagers’ rooms as well as offices and studies. The desk is mounted on the wall, comes in 32 colors and integrates perfectly with LagoLinea shelves and the other LAGO systems.

The Space Between

Italian designer Achille Castiglioni was obsessed with lost space and thought a room with empty corners was an opportunity to fill it with beauty. The multifunctional Lungangolo is set on four slender pillars with square cross sections in between to support the square shelves placed in various heights. It was originally manufactured with two different supports to function for both left- and right-handed people.

Hanging From a Wire

In an effort to create the ultimate minimalist bookcase, P. G. Castiglioni fixed two wires on a single point on the wall and knotted them in certain points to hold birchwood shelves. His design has since been perfected, and we think it’s a great solution for bookish types short on real estate.

Stairway to Heaven

Located in a parking structure on the Atlanta campus of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) are three 150-square-foot dwellings where space is golden. We’re fans of the space-optimizing staircase and drawers combo, which includes a fold-up hammock bed, storage overhead and a desk underneath.

The Swiss Army Knife of Desks

This adjustable desk was created by a group of students at SCAD with the goal of designing a desk for people in creative fields with limited space. With a focus on storage, mobility and flexibility, the team created the Axis Desk. It features adjustable lighting, built-in and height-adjustable power and USB outlets, a rotatable upper surface, optional adjustable display panel, two separate surfaces that are adjustable and interchangeable, movable storage and extendable legs.

Kids in the Hall

Baohua Zheng, an industrial design student at SCAD, designed this multifunctional piece of furniture knowing that it would be the first thing houseguests would see. Dubbed Natural Hallway, the result is a modern day hall tree with a reception area for taking a seat, removing or changing shoes and for storing household objects. It also acts as a catchall for keys, coats, dog leashes, backpacks and purses. We give it an A+.

Stool Boom

The stackable stool, by Herman Studio, features an oval-shaped seat and was designed to take a beating. They’re lined with a layer of durable and sustainable linoleum and set on a metal frame. We like how the multi-colored legs create a sense of whimsy.

Just Squish It

Imagine fitting a bulky colander, mixing bowls, measuring cups and other kitchen gadgets all into one drawer. The sassy two-toned Squish line of collapsible kitchen products was designed to flatten and accommodate homes with limited storage space. All products are BPA free, dishwasher safe and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

A Bottle With Many Faces

Bubi is the Sybil of water bottles. The silicone containers can act as a cold or hot compress, a storage vessel for snacks, soup or even valuables, or they can simply be a reusable water bottle. But wait, there’s more! These suckers fold and roll up for storing. They’re BPA free, won’t mold, are microwave safe and come with a karabiner for easy storing. What’s not to like?

Nifty Trick

The Trick by Sakura Adachi for Campeggi looks like an average bookcase, but it easily transforms into a table and two chairs with very little effort. We think its small footprint and bright orange color are pretty groovy.

Tou to Tango

Also by Sakura Adachi for Campeggi is the Tou, which has the footprint of a beanbag chair but a little unzipping and unfurling reveals the soft core of a futon. Inside there’s plenty of room inside for storing a pillow, a duvet and even sleepwear. Simply unroll and you’ve got yourself a pajama party. Try and do that with a boring air mattress.

Party Starter

Another gem by Sakura Adachi for Alessi is the multifunctional Lovely Breeze. When in a vertical position it appears to merely be a lovely home accessory; however, if flipped horizontally it functions as serving tray. Once the last chocolate or amuse bouche is consumed, the kinetic energy of the weighted bottom will cause it to stand upright. Sure to be a party pleaser if not the ultimate conversation starter.

Valet Parking

We’re gaga for this minimalist utilitarian valet from Stellar Works, the cornerstone of their series of shelving. Hanging below a walnut shelf is a catchall leather bag with room enough for two pairs of shoes, and it even has a pocket for a shoehorn. The shiny brass hardware serves as hooks for dog leashes or a purse while the steel support serves as a coat rack.

Ottoman Empire

Hidden beneath the surface of this small oak table by Cappellini lurks four curvy padded ottomans. It can be used as a dining table, a conference area or the ottomans can be moved anywhere in the room you’d like a place to sit.

Nothing Could be Finer

The Dinah corner storage solution is a re-release of the drawers belonging to the famous "Progetti Compiuti" collection. True to the original 1970 blueprint, Dinah is composed of 18 white lacquered wooden drawers that open on both sides of the structure. Even though it is now part of the MoMa New York collection, you can own one, too.

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