Think Pink: 20 Pink Spaces That Go Beyond Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink may be popping up everywhere these days, but we’ve long loved decorating with the rosy hue in all its glorious shades. Check out an array of spaces and decors, each perfected with a pop (or more!) of pink.

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August 16, 2017
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The More the Merrier

Elizabeth Bomberger of Life Well Lived worked with a vision of a fun, urban treehouse for her client’s space — “lots of wood tones, flowing movement, florals and colors,” she says. With an expansive wall area and a favorite flower in mind, a dramatic backsplash was created.

“After we created the backsplash, we thought, ‘Why not continue with the pink theme and place it on the island as well?’’ That thought led to a custom-color range to match the island as well. “My client had an immense desire for fun in her home,” Bomberger says. “What’s more fun than a bright pink island with matching range?”

Clearly Colorful

This home office is beautiful and bright with natural light. White walls and a few choice accent pieces keep the space feeling airy. Bubblegum pink acrylic chairs are a smart choice here, as they add pretty, sheer color without the heaviness of upholstery or paint. A blue lamp, metallic end table and mint vase complete this breezy workspace.

Peek-a-Boo Pink

Though pink is one of her client’s favorite colors, Jessica McClendon of Glamour Nest also wanted to create an inclusive look the whole family would love. The solution was to use pink sparingly in this light, bright space, while still allowing it to pack a punch of color.

“We went for a brighter, almost hot pink, but in a soft, worn linen, making it feel less girly and more sophisticated,” says McClendon. More masculine elements, such as the light fixture and navy seat cushion, balance out the room.

Say It With Salmon

Says designer Alison Kandler of Alison Kandler Interior Design, “I use pink in as many rooms as I can, especially in bathrooms. Pink brings out the best in skin tones.” Even when she doesn’t use pink in the decor of a master bath, she often uses pink light bulbs to soften the ambience.

While the salmon pink tub is undeniably the focal point of this bathroom, Kandler considers the color a neutral and uses it the way other designers may use gray or beige. “It works with many different palettes,” she says. “Here, I mixed it with peach, coral, gray and purple. Soft pink is used for the painted floor, wallpaper and ceiling fixture.”

Palatial PInk

Chanel-inspired details and marvelous shades of pink define this ultra-feminine, elegant dining room. Climbing pink flowers on a sea of mint keep the walls feeling as airy and open as the rest of this window-laden space.

From shades of vibrant cherry blossom to soft powder puff, everything from the curtains to the table itself boasts a pretty pink hue.

Jungle Love

“I wanted to add a splash of unexpected color and a bit of femininity to my studio space,” says Leslie Davis of Paper Daisy Design. “The pink accent color is a soft, fresh relief from the bold emerald and the green plants.”

While Davis wanted a touch of femininity in boho-jungle-themed space, she says, “But just a touch. Not only do I think I would have tired of a room covered in pink, but I wanted to design a space that was invigorating and inspirational. Pink conveys such a soft, soothing vibe that I think too much would have created the opposite effect.”

Fuchsia Alfresco

A vibrant pink outdoor rug pulls together an eclectic mix of furniture styles, a trio of tree trunk tables, dreamy string lights and array of plants to create this welcoming boho-inspired backyard. Touches of pink in the accessories keep the eye moving and add to the whimsical feel of this cozy, wonderfully welcoming outdoor living space.

The Hot Spot

The use of a bold, graphic print prominently featuring fuchsia makes this foyer a true statement space. The strong pattern and intense hue are tamed with the use of a classic, etched Venetian mirror. The shapely black console serves to ground the scene while minimal accessories help balance out and finish the look.

The Hottest Pink

The bright pink modern fireplace is a true statement standout in this modern-industrial dining area. “With the majority of the interior space consisting of exposed gray walls and glazed gray concrete floors, we needed a bold focal point with a strong color,” says Cavin Costello of The Ranch Mine.

While a lime green shade was the runner-up, Costello chose to go with pink in the corner, which he says ties in with the "love and relationship" corner of a feng shui energy map. Also, he says, “We needed a way to keep an otherwise ultra-modern, geometrically-edgy interior environment playful and a touch less serious.”

Modern Magic

“Everything in the room was chosen to complement the painting,” says Paul Rochford of Violante and Rochford Interiors of the colorful artwork that’s the focal point of this dining room.

“We used lighter shades (of pink) in small doses so the whole room wouldn't scream pink. We also incorporated a bold accent with the red lamp for balance. We felt the color palette, along with the painting, really pulled the room together and made it memorable.”

Rocking With Rose Gold

Pink in a metallic form has also been leading the way in what’s trending in decor now. The rose-gold renaissance means more on-trend options for fixtures, hardware and more. Here, Sarah Stacey of Sarah Stacey Design worked metallic magic with the faucet and taps in this bathroom.

“I selected the rose gold to pull out the pink-ish orange in the veining of the marble — also because rose gold looks so great with black marble,” Stacey says. The finish feels fresh and unexpected, adding warmth to the otherwise stark space.

A Warm Welcome

“Color should make you smile,” says Jeff Pelletier of Board & Vellum. And we did just that when we saw this blossom-pink Dutch door leading into a calming gray foyer.

“This pink is a beautiful color that contrasts well with the neutral colors inside the house and helps those colors seem crisper,” he says. His suggestion for using a bright, fun shade of pink: “Be decisive and concise with your use of color, and it becomes comforting and not overwhelming.”

Hushed Blush

In this transitional dining room, earthy tones and clean lines are both defined and softened with a whisper of blush pink on the walls. The delicate, rosy hue adds just a hint of femininity and color to the space, balancing an otherwise neutral palette.

Paint That Pops

This eclectic space is alive with personality, thanks in no small part to the unexpected painted-wood details on the base of the ottoman and outlining the sofa. Each piece is coated in its own sunny pink hue that defines the lines of the furniture and ties together the room’s patterns and mix of colors.

Contemporary Chic

“I have been a longtime fan of pink; I’m thrilled that the color is on trend right now, but to me it is timeless,” says Melanie Coddington of Coddington Design. Coddington fell in love with lilac-tinged pink silk velvet and designed the custom sleeper sofa around it to grace a contemporary family room.

When asked how to incorporate pink in a modern way, Coddington says, “Try table-top accessories, seasonal pillows, or do what I did and paint the entire interior of your closet pink!”

Magenta Magic

Bright, scattered-butterfly wallpaper informed the bold colors used in this room. “We pulled the color palette from the wallpaper, which was our starting inspiration for this scheme. We wanted a color that was warm and welcoming, as this is where guests are greeted, says Rachel Reider of Rachel Reider Interiors.

In regards to the pink she used to liven up the bar, she says, “This is deep magenta; I love that you look at it and aren't quite sure if it's pink or red. I love complex colors! It's a nice complement to the aubergine painted wall, as they are a similar tonality so they don't compete with each other or provide a distracting contrast.”

A Contemporary Classic

“This nursery was planned for a girl with a feminine flair, so pink was a traditional choice,” says MA Allen of MA Allen Interiors. But while “girly” was key in this room, "Pale aqua walls and touches of black and white were used to help tone it down,” says Allen.

A combination of pale, ballet pink and a slightly more saturated hue blend together beautifully in this pretty, contemporary space.

Office Space

A picture-perfect example of what accessories can do for a space, this office gets its punch of pink from decorative accents. Pink cushions, art, books, vases, boxes — even a feather pen! — add a bright and whimsical vibe to the room. The bold hue perfectly offsets the cool gray wallpaper and warm wooden doors and shelving.

Stairs Worth Staring At

Follow the candy colors down into the eclectic living room in this unique home. Dark and light pink are highlighted with sky blue and painted in stripes trailing down every step’s surface.

The party-ready, streamer effect brings a lighthearted, casual air to the entire interior and is a much more artsy and fun alternative to a traditional runner.

Walk-In Wow

Hot-pink walls are a true mood lifter in this combination dressing area and closet space. Small pieces of artwork coordinate with the bright color, while the chair cushion stands out with its contrasting graphic print.

Keeping the rest of the space light and airy with white and mirrored surfaces works to keep the area from feeling overwhelming or garish.

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