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13 Popular Purple Flowering Perennials

Add a pop of purple to your garden with these varieties of perennial flowers that range from pale mauve to deep plum.

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Photo: Donald Pell. From: Donald Pell Gardens.

The Color of Royalty

If you’re looking for plants with purple flowers, you're in luck, there are a range of colors and types to choose from. For plants that come back year after year with little help from you, go with perennials. You can find varieties that grow in full sun, partial sun or shade, so there’s a plant for any spot in your yard.

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Photo: Longfield Gardens


Smaller than ‘Globemaster’, this allium, 'Gladiator', is still among the largest, with flower heads that measure up to 6 inches in diameter. This variety blooms in late spring.

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Plants don’t get any tougher than catmint. It thrives in hot, dry climates and blooms all season long. It forms a low, rounded mound of silvery-blue foliage with spikes of perennial purple flowers. It needs little help from you to thrive. It attracts birds and butterflies and makes a nice cut flower. Cut it to the ground in winter.

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Photo: Sarah Busby


One of the most popular shrubs with purple flowers, bigleaf or mophead hydrangeas produce big, showy round flowers on a medium to large shrub. They like light shade and need a medium amount of water. Hydrangea blooms in a range of colors from white to purple.

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