17 Things That Make Your House Look Dated

Chevron? Chev-Wrong.

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DIY Pallet Furniture

While the appeal of pallet projects is easy enough to understand, there is such a thing as "too much of a good thing." A single, upcycled pallet piece is fine, but when your entire home is comprised of wooden weekend projects, it’s time to reassess. Update your space by repurposing excess project pieces for outdoor use or completely reimagine the wood with high-gloss paint and simple, modern hardware.

8 DIY Shipping Pallet Projects for Your Outdoor Space

Iron Deficiency

Now, don’t get me wrong, statement-making staircases are wonderful. If they are making the right kind of statement, that is. This intricate iron-and-pine number sends quite the message of "early 2000s contemporary." Skip the look all together and opt for a simple, timeless design instead.

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Copious Copper

It’s sad, but true friends. We’re officially over the all-things-copper trend and now anything of the sort just appears so last year. Our advice? Stick to authentic copper cookware in the kitchen, but play with various metallic (and matte!) finishes like brass candlesticks, silver knobs and matte black picture frames.

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White Appliances

Gone are the days of white fridges and dishwashers. In their place? Stainless steel, sleek slate and matte black finishes. These industrial-style appliances appear much more streamlined and up-to-date while adding a touch of luxe to your space. Plus, they’re much easier to keep clean.

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The Mass-Produced Rug

It’s time to toss the trend you’ve seen on every blogger Instagram account for the last 6-8 months. Rather than buying into a trend (literally!), ask yourself what it is you like about a product before pulling the trigger. Will the piece work long-term in your space? Do you still like the other "had-to-have," trendy items you impulsively bought two years ago? Our guess is probably not. Start shopping with intention and search for time-withstanding pieces and you’ll learn to never regret a decorating decision again.

Find Your Eraser

We love these giant, blank canvases for kids’ rooms — and that’s where they should stay. Having a chalkboard wall in your kitchen or living space will inevitably add more chalk clouds and chaos to everyday life — neither of which are fun or in style. Ditch the dusty look and replace it with a small-scale message board on the kitchen counter, instead.

Small-Space Furniture

Apartment-sized sofas, end tables, poufs and pillows are alluring, we know. That said, unless you're a dorm-dwelling coed, these cost-efficient items are costing you more than you think. Many small-scale furnishings are aimed for apartment living or dorm rooms and are outfitted in current colors and on-trend designs. This makes them oh-so-swoon-worthy in the store, but leaves you with killer buyers’ remorse 5-6 months down the road. Rather than snag a "deal" with pint-sized pieces, pinch your pennies for investment items instead. Pro tip: you can find some amazing deals through online buy-sell-trade pages on high-end, classic furnishings for a fraction of the cost.


RIP Chevron. It was fun while it lasted but it is so over. In fact, you should RIP the chevron wallpaper off your walls, like ASAP. Toss out any pillowcases and throws, while you’re at it, too. Replace this played-out pattern from circa 2011 with a fresh coat of paint and your house will look brand new, I promise.

Brown + Bronze Kitchens

Bronze, brown and not-so-beautiful, this kitchen has seen its day. The dark hues that were oh-so-popular 10 years ago now feel a bit overbearing. Air out your kitchen with light-colored cabinets, countertops and updated fixtures and appliances to match. For warmth, incorporate bronze and copper cookware, a fiery runner or a pretty, potted plant.

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Burnt Out

I know, I know — you’re in disbelief about this one. Hear me out! While this simple fireplace appears somewhat stylish, it’s yet another sad, sad case of "overkill contemporary" that’s made the list. Invest some blood, sweat and tears into upgrading the face of your fireplace with a new mantel or tile surround. This will give it a fresh, custom look instead of the "mantel of the masses" look seen here.

Ceiling Eye Sore

There’s a whole lot of outdated going on in this photo (brown, bronze, iron details — oh my!) but we need to address the true eyesore in the room: the ceiling fan. That’s right, folks — ceiling fans are regarded as one of the biggest design faux pas in the industry and a bad, brown and bronze one like the one pictured here is a gigantic NO-NO. Our advice? Prioritize air flow in your home by discussing ways to maximize the effects of the cooling system in place. Can’t live without it? Opt for a simpler, sleeker design sans the brown/bronze finishes.

Print-It-Yourself Gallery Wall

I’ll admit it, I indulged in this trend just as much as the next, Pinterest-obsessed girl. I get it, I really do. Even so, I must tell you that our beloved, instant-gratification, printable gallery walls are a trend that died circa 2015. Today, it’s time to toss 'em out and take your time curating artwork and other interesting articles for your walls. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Sterile, Snowy + Silver

White on white on white (with a smidge of silver) became the "it" look for kitchens everywhere over the last couple of years. The ultra-modern look was stylish for a moment, but living in these snowy spaces just feels impractical. Defrost your digs and embrace a more "homey," lived-in look by incorporating warm grays, greige, terracotta tile and even deep, navy blue cabinetry.

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Textured Ceiling

The dreaded popcorn ceilings will never come back, that I can guarantee you. Still, there are other unsightly, textured ceilings that are lurking in homes across the world like the one pictured here. Rid your space of this eyesore and draw the eye to your texture-free ceiling instead with unique beams or coffered ceilings.

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Worn Out Phrases

We live, we laugh and we love. But we don’t need to plaster that fact all over our homes. Rather than go down the well-traveled "live, laugh, love" path, select phrases that are more personal, sincere or applicable. Artfully-displayed wedding vows are an ultra-romantic example of loving text that will never feel worn out.

Tile + Pine

Consider this a double-dose of dated. Pine plus a square, tile backsplash and countertop feel dark and dingy. Smooth things out with a fresh coat of paint and clean, smooth countertops throughout for a more polished and put-together design.

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Heavy Floral Drapes

Ditch those dark burgundy, floral-print curtains of the 90s. Heavy drapes are a fad of the past and it’s easy to see how they instantly age a space, distracting from all of the natural light that streams into this great room. Take off years with floor-length, light-hued varieties hung high and wide to allow sunlight to stream into your space with ease.

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