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40 Things That Make Your House Look Dated (+ Stylish Swaps to Consider Instead)

Do you feel like your home design could use a reboot but aren't sure where to start? Check out our list of trends that are best left in the past (for now) and creative ways to bring your current style up to speed.

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Ready for a Change?

Trends come and go and chances are, if you let something sit long enough, it will cycle back in style. But if you’re ready for a change now, here are some designer-approved ways to pull your home’s look into the 2020s.

First up: Are your kitchen cabinets looking a little dark and dreary? A few coats of paint could be the reno-free fix you're looking for. At the link, below, see how one homeowner gave their dated cherry cabinets a trendy refresh, plus pick up some tips for making over your own kitchen on a budget.

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Dated: Wood Paneling

Ah, wood paneling. This all-consuming 1970’s treat is often found in ranch-style homes and can be tricky to design around to achieve a fresh look. Go ahead and rip it out and start fresh with smooth drywall or transform your home in a matter of days with a few coats of crisp white paint. The best part? Painted paneling works especially well in country cottages or farmhouse-inspired homes because it yields a similar look as shiplap walls.

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Trending: Custom Wainscoting

Custom wainscoting is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Millwork is a stepping-stone to creating a home rich with character and charm. Wainscoting, door trim and window casings work in tandem, communicating a home's architectural style and creating a sense of continuity throughout the space. Jump in on the trend at home; use your architecture as a guide to determine the best wainscoting style, then follow our step-by-step tutorial, below, to bring your vision to life.

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Dated: Builder-Grade Greige Tiles

It can be difficult to work with these oddly specific, early 2000's greige bathroom tiles. They’re not quite beige, not exactly gray and, the worst part? They feature a matte texture that looks rough around the edges even after a full day of deep cleaning. Give your tiles a refresh with our step-by-step painted tile tutorial, below, or replace them altogether with timeless, white subway tiles instead.

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