Throw a Festive Fiesta-Inspired Cocktail Party

Invite friends to a festive cocktail party featuring spicy Mexican flavors, mango margaritas and lively conversation. A color palette of hot pink, tangerine and sky blue sets the perfect tone for a sizzling south-of-the-border soiree.

Raise the Bar

Welcome guests with sweet mango margaritas served in a clear decanter that's large enough for a crowd. Add lots of fun color with paper-flower garlands, shockingly pink glassware and a massive display of gladiolas.

Pop a Top

Transport guests to a sunny beach by serving Mexican beer and sparkling water, all topped off with a twist of lime. For a laid-back presentation (and to make things easy on the host), display in a bucket filled with ice so guests can help themselves.

Bite by Bite

The only thing better than tacos are miniature tacos. A variety of fillings and taco shells can be prepared ahead of time, then quickly assembled right before guests arrive.

La Musica

To take this party over the top, invite a Spanish guitarist or mariachi musician to make a surprise entrance. The ambiance and conversation are instantly lifted by the sounds of light strumming, serenading guests late into the night.

Room for Dessert

Bring out a delectable dulce de leche cake just before sunset. Traditionally Latin and super sweet, the five-layer cake topped with raspberries is a beautiful treat for partygoers.

Batter Up!

Not only does a pinata add a colorful focal point for fiesta decor, it instantly transforms cocktail hour into a family-friendly affair. Guests of all ages will have a blast swinging away, since after all, who doesn't love candy?

Shake 'Em Up

Nothing says "fiesta" like bright, noise-making maracas. Tossed into a wicker basket and tied together with tags reading "Shake Responsibly," these create a punchy decorative element and a fun favor for partygoers to take home.

One Last Thing

Since this party overflowed with treats, why not end the evening with just one more takeaway? Delicious pralines sealed in translucent bags reading "Muchas Gracias" are sure to send guests home on a sweet note.

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