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Throw Dad a Beer Tasting Party for Father's Day

By: Abigail Barnes

Show Dad how much you love him by throwing a rustic-themed beer tasting party full of his favorite snacks, drinks and games.

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Dad's Day Party Table

Go all out for Father's Day by planning Dad a party full of his favorite things. Give it a customized look with a DIY paper banner and food labels, twine-covered bottles and specialty beers for guests to try. Pub-inspired food and desserts are perfect for grab-and-go snacking in between tastings.

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Beer Tasting Station

Set up a tasting station and label the different types of beer with simple plaid tags. To attach the tags, tie them around the beer bottlenecks with twine for a rustic look. Make a game of it by turning over the tags and having guests guess which type of beer they're tasting.

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Galvanized Buckets

Galvanized buckets are great for serving chips, ice or drinks. Tie plaid fabric or burlap around the center to incorporate the rustic theme.

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Pub Pretzels

Give the party a pub atmosphere with typical menu items Dad loves eating at his favorite bars such as pub-style pretzels and beer cheese.

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