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23 Fun Baby Shower Games + Free Printables

March 28, 2019

Planning a baby shower or sprinkle? Break the ice and get all of the guests involved with our group-friendly game ideas.

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Fun + Free Activities

Games are a great way to get all of the guests involved and talking at a baby shower. But you don't have to spend a fortune on activities. Instead, get the party started with our free printable templates. Download the game instruction cards seen here (and many more in the next slides) to match your party's theme: BLUE, GREEN or PINK

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Don't Say Baby

As guests arrive, have them clip one clothespin somewhere on their clothing. The goal of the game is not to say the word "baby." If someone says "baby," another guest can take her clip. The guest with the most clips at the end of the shower wins. For added pizzazz, dress up plain clips with glitter and ribbon. Download the free instruction card.

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Books for Baby

What better way to sprinkle a new mommy than to fill her new baby’s library with great books? On the invitation include a note for each guest to bring her favorite children’s book for the baby’s library. Purchase a plain crate from your local craft store, paint and personalize it with the baby’s name and have guests drop their books inside for mom or dad to take home.

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Baby Dictionary

Use our printable game sheet to test the guests' knowledge. Have everyone start at the same time and give them one minute to come up with as many baby-related words as possible, one per alphabet letter. The guest with the most words at the end of the minute wins. Download the free game sheets.

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