Make a Valentine's Day Kissing Ball

Create this rose-covered kissing ball to celebrate the season of love!

Rose Covered Kissing Ball

Why not take advantage of the abundance of roses available this time of year, and create a beautiful Valentine's Day Rose Kissing Ball? Get ready to pucker up!

Here's What You'll Need

Supplies for Kissing Ball: Styrofoam ball (choose one made from oasis or foam that can absorb water)/ roses ( 2-4 dozen depending on size of styrofoam ball)/ribbon in a variety of colors/cabinet knob with screw (for topper)/scissors and hot glue gun.

Choosing Your Roses

Choose roses that are just beginning to open.  For a pretty contrast mix dark pink and red roses together. Carnations, daises and mums are some other great floral options for a kissing ball.

Trimming Your Roses

Using sharp scissors, trim stem of each rose approximately 3/4 to 1 inch, cutting at an angle. This will allow the stems to absorb water from the Styrofoam.

Creating Your Kissing Ball

Taking scissors, poke holes, one at a time, in Styrofoam deep enough so that rose is flush with the surface of the ball. Create holes in an alternating pattern, so that roses are nestled tightly next to each other. This creates a staggered appearance to the roses, instead of straight rows.

Filling in With Flowers

Cover entire Styrofoam ball with roses, alternating colors (if using two different roses) leaving a space for knob at top of ball. You want to avoid any of the Styrofoam showing through between the roses.  It is okay to rearrange the roses, as you go along, placing some tighter closed blooms next to fuller blooms.

Creating Topper for Kissing Ball

Creating a topper for your kissing ball insures a secure way to hang it. Using scissors, create a hole at top of ball for cabinet knob topper. Squeeze hot glue down into the hole you created to hold the knob securely in place.

Secure Topper in Place

Once you have applied hot glue to the hole you created for your topper, quickly insert the screw from your cabinet knob into the Styrofoam ball.  Allow to dry thoroughly before hanging.

Attaching Ribbon

Attach several loops of ribbon, in coordinating colors, around the cabinet knob topper and cut to varying lengths.  Attach and knot tightly one long strand of ribbon for hanging.

Displaying Your Kissing Ball

There are many places you can hang your Valentine's Day Kissing Ball.  From a doorway or staircase newel post. How about greeting your guests with it above your front door or even in front of a window? A rose covered kissing ball would also be a lovely addition to a garden wedding!

Alternate Way to Display Kissing Ball

Place your Kissing Ball in a rustic container, for another fun way to display, and use for a Valentine's Day centerpiece!

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