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Make a Succulent Christmas Ornament

Create a beautiful ornament or kissing ball for the holidays by creating a succulent globe with these easy instructions.

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Create a Succulent Ornament

This lovely succulent ornament is a great way to bring a little bit of your garden inside during those cold winter months, and it can be made and hung in the same day!

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Succulent Supplies

To create your succulent ornament you will need burlap, twine, floral wire, succulents and soil. You can transplant succulents, or use clippings from an established plant.

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Choose a well aerated potting mix that drains well to begin your succulent ornament. Create a pile of dirt a little larger than you want your final ball to be, and cut a square of burlap large enough to wrap around it.

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Create the Base

Wrap the burlap tightly around the potting mix, packing it into a sphere. Trim off any excess burlap, and wrap with twine to hold the burlap in place. Secure a long piece of twine or ribbon to the top of the ball for hanging later.

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