Make a Succulent Christmas Ornament

Create a beautiful ornament or kissing ball for the holidays by creating a succulent globe with these easy instructions.

Create a Succulent Ornament

This lovely succulent ornament is a great way to bring a little bit of your garden inside during those cold winter months, and it can be made and hung in the same day!

Succulent Supplies

To create your succulent ornament you will need burlap, twine, floral wire, succulents and soil. You can transplant succulents, or use clippings from an established plant.


Choose a well aerated potting mix that drains well to begin your succulent ornament. Create a pile of dirt a little larger than you want your final ball to be, and cut a square of burlap large enough to wrap around it.

Create the Base

Wrap the burlap tightly around the potting mix, packing it into a sphere. Trim off any excess burlap, and wrap with twine to hold the burlap in place. Secure a long piece of twine or ribbon to the top of the ball for hanging later.

Start Planting

Use your finger or a stick to create a hole in the ball. Push the burlap threads to create the opening, and make it large enough for your succulent's roots. If you are using clippings, make sure they go deep enough to be secure. Place your succulent in the hole, and adjust the soil and burlap until the planting is secure.

Add Support

Because your ornament will be hanging, your succulents may need a little extra support until the roots take hold. Bend floral wire into "U" shapes and use it to support the succulents, especially the ones that will hang downwards.

Keep Planting

Continue adding succulents, securing them with wire as necessary. Space them with a little room to grow, especially if you are making a smaller ornament. Add succulents until your ball is completely covered.


Display your succulent ornament with an arrangement of Christmas ornaments, or hang it in a doorway as a kissing ball! Hang it in a place that has plenty of sunlight, and don't water it for 2 weeks after planting to give your succulents a chance to root. After the 2 weeks, spray with a squirt bottle whenever the soil is dry. Your succulents ornament may last up to 9 months before the succulents need to be replanted.

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