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Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

Skip the store and show your valentine just how much you care with a one-of-a-kind, handmade card.

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Photo: Clara MacLellan

Fortunate to Have You

Show your Valentine some love with these sweet handmade card ideas. Most of our DIY Valentine's Day cards use inexpensive materials from the craft store, or maybe even use materials you already have on hand, so they're perfect for making in bulk. So whether you're making a Valentine for that special someone or for your kids' entire class, follow Cupid's arrow to these easy Valentine's Day card-making projects.

Slip some sweet sentiments into fortune cookies for a one-of-a-kind gift. Cut a piece of craft foam into a small circle, then fold it into a half moon, slip in your message, and then pinch the long ends of the half-circle together to form the fortune cookie, adding dots of glue to keep everything together. Your Valentine sure is lucky to have you!

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Photo: Emily Fazio

Love Grows

HGTV contributor and DIYer Emily Fazio says, "while an unofficial poll of six-year-olds tells me that store-bought packs of cards are the way to go in the public school system, I still think our friends and family really appreciate and adore our DIY efforts." We love them, too!

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Sweet Turtle Shell

Muster up the courage to let your crush know just how you feel with this bold card that reads, "You really bring me out of my shell."

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Candy Necklaces

Kids will love making these fun and easy edible valentines for their friends using licorice laces and gummy ring candy.

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