Holiday Party Games

Keep your house full of guests entertained with these fun and simple holiday party games.

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson


Fill an old crate with floral foam and place one bottle brush tree in each of the twelve openings. Cover the foam with shredded paper or other filling and use game rings to toss over the trees. Determine a line from which to throw. The person with the most successful rings wins. Mark the station with this free downloadable sign.

Jingle Bell Toss

Use poster putty to adhere plastic or metal cups to a piece of foam core. Gather an assortment of jingle bells for tossing. Determine a line from which to toss. Award points for the most successful tosses or assign points to the cups with the highest points given to the cups the furthest away. Mark the station with this free downloadable sign.

Guess How Many

This classic party game couldn’t be easier. Fill a decorative jar with holiday candies while counting them. Hang the free downloadable sign from the jar. Make a list of guest and record their estimate of how many candy pieces are in the jar. The winner receives a prize, the candy or both.


Fill mini cups with a small prize. Cover each cup with tissue paper. Attach the cups to a sheet of foam core in the shape of a present. Each guest gets to poke through the tissue of one cup and claim the prize inside. See the full instructions.

Who Sang It

Print the free song list. Create a playlist including songs from the song list and record which artist you have chosen for each song, ensuring that these songs are only played once. Print the game sheets. Throughout the party, guests record who they believe sang the songs. At the end of the party, collect the game sheets and determine the winner by most correct answers.

Holiday Bingo

This holiday spin on a classic game is so simple to set up. Simply print the free holiday bingo cards and let guests choose their own. Guests mark off their cards as they see the items represented or hear the songs played. The first to complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line shouts 'bingo' and wins a prize.

Holiday Movie Madness

Test your knowledge of holiday films with this group game. Print the free game sheet and sign. Teams take turns pulling a movie title from the bowl. Members of the team describe the movie without saying any of the words in the title. One guesser on the team must correctly guess the title. Someone from the opposing team keeps time for one minute each round. Another opposing team member watches and rings a bell if any word from the title is used.

Holiday Charades

A game of charades at a party is always a hit. This time the game gets a holiday twist with these downloadable holiday-themed clues and sign. Pre-determine a time length for each round. Team members take turns giving clues without speaking to get the other members of their team to guess the clue.

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