Dogs + Home Design: 50 Adorable Photos

Impeccable home design and adorable dogs all in one - it doesn't get much better than that. These photos are absolutely pawfect.

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Photo By: Melanie Johnson

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Photo By: Landmark Photography

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Photo By: Julie Soefer Photography

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Photo By: Sean Litchfield

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Photo By: Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors

Photo By: Lara Fishman

Pawsitively Pet-Friendly Window Seat

The family pooch favors the window seat in the mudroom, which is topped with ultra-soft textiles and downy pillows.

Indoor/Outdoor Living Pawfect for Furry Friends

The indoor/outdoor vibe in this living space is perfect for the pet dog to go in and out as he pleases.

Fido Awaits a Ruffreshment

This kitchen features exposed brick and is a great meal prep spot, even for Fido's meals.

From: Kress Jack

Wiener-Dog Sits Atop Mustard Yellow Armchair - Very Furny

A few simple furnishings, each with cool modern character, pull the living room together. Such as, this mustard yellow armchair and chrome end table and floor lamp, proving to be the perfect seat for the family dog.

Modern Kitchen Perfect for Whining & Dining

Fido loves this sleek, modern kitchen, where his owners prep their meals - and his.

Dog-Gone Beautiful Apartment Living Space

This apartments living room is a cozy space perfect for curling up on the couch with the two pooches.

Cozy Sectional, Pawfect for Naps

Soft, calming hues ensure this living room is a hideaway for relaxation. A comfortable, pup-approved sectional provides the perfect spot to snuggle up with a good book.

A Good Boys Home Office

Who said being a dog was easy? If this golden retriever has to work on the weekends, at least it's in this stylish home office.

Bench Seating for the Pawsh Pooches

Exposed white brick walls bring rustic yet contemporary touch to this luxurious dog boarding lobby. A chic navy bench is a resting place for guests, both canines and humans.

It's Time for Pup-Corn and a Movie

The German Shepard is the perfect accessory to this vintage leather couch. Who's ready to watch a movie with a cute snuggle buddy?

Fireplace Provides Perfect Place Fur Cozying Up

Large glass doors and an all-neutral color palette creates a bright, breezy atmosphere in this open living space. The pups who call this place home, enjoy cozying up by the beautiful stone fireplace.

From: Andrew Flesher

Pooch Admires the Fetching Dining Room

A neutral dining table and chairs give plenty of room for yellow butterflies to float across the back wall of this whimsical dining room - pup approved.

Round of Appaws for this Beautiful Artwork

The white paneling throughout this home's main floor interior is a subtle nautical nod to its lakefront location. The beautiful artwork is admired by the homeowners and their pooch.

"Can You Make Me Some Woofles, Please?"

Even the family pet can be part of the action with a kitchen this spacious.

Dognified Doodle on Private Balcony

Meet Milo, a golden doodle and one of the owner of this townhouse's three dogs. He's hanging out on the home's private doggie balcony. The area where Milo sits is an extra-large shower pan connected to a drain and filled with gravel, so the dogs are able to use their bathroom without a walk in the park.

"Paint Me Like One of Those French Dogs"

There's a special seat for everyone who visits this adventurous home. There's no one style of chair or table. Instead, an innovative mix allows room for favorites from many style backgrounds.

"You Collied?'

The family dog waits to greet you as you step inside this modern home. The bright orange front door makes quite the statement and works well with the ultra-chic design.

"I'll Take Some Hush Puppies, Paw-lease"

Rustic wood paneling covers the walls of this country kitchen, wrapping the room in texture. The black lab enjoys helping homeowners cook in this country-style kitchen.

Pawsh Home Entryway

A large chandelier hangs above the asymmetrical seating in this stunning entryway and provides stark contrast against the pale walls and furniture. The Yorkie is ready to welcome all visitors.

"Are My Kibbles Ready?"

Thick, exposed wood beams and a hardwood floor give this open concept kitchen and dining area a cozy, friendly vibe, warming up the crisp white walls. An upholstered bench makes for comfy extra seating for four-legged and two-legged friends.

Who's that Doggy in the Kitchen?

This live-edge wood kitchen counter was designed to be the rustic kitchen's focal point. Opposite the counter, pets get pampered with a special feeding and water station. A water spigot under the counter is for easy water bowl refills.

ColorFUR Living Room

This colorful space is made adorable with the addition of a black and white pooch and his sheepskin bed.

"This Artwork is Quite Fetching"

A large abstract watercolor painting hangs on this white shiplap kitchen wall directly above the family dog's eating area.

Bungalow Guest Ready for a Howling Good Time

This path to the bungalow is lined with flowers and a furry pooch awaits visitors.

Dog Greets Guests with a Cheerful "Howl - O"

Robin LaMonte managed to give the family a formal entry using a beautiful wood sideboard and a chic chandelier. Two watercolor paintings add subtle color to the walls, while Daisy the dog waits to greet visitors.

Round of Ap-Paws for this Beautiful Bedroom

The furniture in this sophisticated master bedroom was custom-built and designed to fit the scale of the large room. Coincidentally, the colors in this space match the fur of the family dog.

"One Salty Dog on the Rocks, Paw-lease"

The original paneling was preserved and provides a warm backdrop, perfect for relaxed entertaining and spending time with the family dog.

Pawsome Laundry Room Nook

A cheerful assortment of tiles fill this laundry room with color and pattern and help the chores be much more fun to do. There's even a cozy hang-out spot for a loyal companion!

"This Pawsh Chair Matches My Fur"

This neutral contemporary living room pairs a gray high-back armchair with a wood side table for a cozy sitting nook perfect for enjoying time with the family pooch.

Doing Laundry is Ruff

Doing laundry is never fun, but with a stylish space and an emotional support dog, it can be a little easier.

"That's One Absolutely, Pawsitively Beautiful View"

The homeowners of this lakefront residence requested a wraparound deck off the home's main floor, all the better to see the incredible views with the company of their dog, of course!

After a Ruff Day, this Sectional is Perfect for Relaxing

A floral print—and a pair of furry friends—liven up the serene feel of this great room's neutral color scheme. An interesting pattern is a good way to add visual interest to a more subdued space.

ColorFUR Midcentury Living Room

In this chic living room, the gray sofa is an ideal neutral backdrop for layers of patterned pillows and yes, even a four-legged friend.

"Woof, this Eames Chair is Stylish"

An Eames Chair is a stylish addition to this home office/living space, and of course the pooch is a furbulous addition.

FURbulous, Pet-Friendly Leather Sofa

A simple, traditional brown leather sofa comes to life with decorative details. Leather is a pet-friendly material, so Fido won't have to worry about ruining the sofa.

Golden Retriever Admires his Fish Fur-Ends

This living room is home to many different types of animals. The Golden Retriever gets comfy on the armchair, while gazing at his fish friends.

Paws-itive(ly) Stately Staircase

This gently curved staircase has a dramatic look that is broken up by a perfectly placed pooch resting halfway up the stairs.

A Day at the Doggie Spa for These Two Fur-ends

No need for a trip to the kennel. Constructed by Washington, D.C.-based Four Brothers Carpentry, this built-in dog kennel and spa is located in a spacious mudroom that includes the family’s laundry facilities. Two comfy cages hold large dogs. A bottom drawer reveals a hide-a-way bed for a tiny pooch.

It's a Faux-Paw Not to Greet Guests in the Entryway

Family photos, an orchid and accessories make an attractive tableau in this foyer. Pet approved!

"Ruff, Not Bath Time!"

This bright blue bathroom is a cheerful greeting to guests- the pooch feels otherwise.

"Somepawdy Come Join Me on the Sofa!"

A furry friend and bright colors fill this outdoor sofa with fun.

Labradoodle is Ready for Pawternity Leave

Where does the sheepskin end and the labradoodle begin?

Appaws for this Gorgeous Outdoor Retreat

The homeowners, guests and pets can relax on outdoor furniture accented by throw pillows within the shady seclusion of a tall, wood privacy fence.

"We're a Pawful Cute Accessory on this Blue Sofa"

No worry when puppies want to climb on couches...this one's fabric is durable and easy to clean! On the floor, a black-and-white striped rug is a graphic punch.

"My Hoomans Furgot Where I Was Since I Blend in with the Sofa"

This streamlined sofa in neutral upholstery feels luxurious and anchors this calm and relaxing oasis making it the perfect place to enjoy a sunny afternoon with the pup.

Paw-nder by the Fire

The fireplace is surrounded by custom mosaic tiles in water-inspired hues, a pretty tie-in with this home's lakefront setting. Not only is it beautiful, it is also a great place for the pup to relax by the warm fire.

Pawsome Mudroom Solution

The most loyal of friends gets a resting spot in this cheerful mudroom. Lots of natural light and pretty blue details make the mood bright and friendly.

Furry Comfortable Barcelona Chair

A large painting with a wash of colors instantly draws the eye in this entryway. The Barcelona chairs provide a stylish place for guests, and pups, to relax.

From: b+g design

Pet Storage Box Fur Good Boys

Good storage pieces are a must when trying to create a beautiful, functional home. This rolling "cubby" unit was designed to be a multi-functional family storage piece for several stages of life. It’s great for pet toys and gear.

"Fur-well, Thanks for Stopping By"

A geometric pattern can add punch and personality to a neutral rug or wallpaper. See how it livens up this white stairway. Of course, a loyal friend helps too.

From: Lara Fishman

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