Awesome Kitchen Gear for the Tiny Chef in Your Life

While kids can learn to cook just fine with standard-sized kitchen gear, these products were specially made with small hands in mind. Check out these great tools that will get your little chef on her way to being a culinary master.

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Baking Essentials

Spark a culinary passion in your children by starting them out with baking. It's the perfect entré to cooking because of its tasty rewards. I mean, who can resist pies and cakes? Your kids can set up their pint-sized bakery with this set of essential tools. The silicone loaf pan and cupcake liners alleviate any concerns about stuck cakes and make for super-easy cleanup. BUY IT: Amazon $27

Triceratops Taco Holder

Taco Tuesday is already a huge hit among the younger set. Up your family's dinnertime game and let your kids express their inner chefs by being the taco maker who serves up their creations in this adorable taco holder. It may not be a tool that you'll find in a restaurant kitchen, but it's what makes cooking at home extra delicious. BUY IT: Uncommon Goods $12

Proper Chef's Coat

If your child has dreams of ending up on Chopped, this kid-sized version of a real chef's coat will be a huge hit. While not a necessity for cooking, the coat will make your kiddo feel like a real pro. The mitt is kid-sized, making grabbing hot pans that much safer. Added bonus, messy cooks will keep their clothes clean. BUY IT: Williams-Sonoma $50

Smiley-Face Spatula

I can't guarantee that this spatula is technically made for kids, but what kid could resist this cute little guy? Get them working on their pancake skills and reward their effort with this turner that will make the work easy with its non-stick surface and easy-grip handle. BUY IT: Sur La Table $7

Pastry Decorating Set

If you've got a novice baker in your home, this decorating set will help them build their piping skills. They can use these kid-sized tools to beautify cookies, cakes and cupcakes with swirls, ruffles and flowers. Maybe they'll even let you borrow their set if you promise to make them some treats. BUY IT: Amazon $10

Apple Slicer

Getting fruits and veggies into kids can sometimes be a challenge. But if you empower them with a fun tool like this apple slicer, they may become all too eager to up their fiber intake. Most importantly to kids, it's a fun shape, but it also does all the hard work of coring and slicing an apple in one easy step. BUY IT: Everything Kitchens $9

Thai-Style Ice Cream Maker

Forget the rock salt and hours of churning that old-school ice cream makers called for. This Thai-style ice cream maker only requires that you freeze it before using. Stick the pan in your freezer permanently, and your little chef can make homemade ice cream at the drop of a hat. Mix together cream and their favorite ingredients, pour it on the frozen pan, add in any fixings they like, and in about a minute, they will have the tastiest of treats. BUY IT: Bed, Bath & Beyond $50

Safety Knives

The thing that probably gives you the most anxiety about letting kids loose in the kitchen is cutting. Take a little bit of the fear out of the process by using ergonimically-correct safety knives. The serated blades make chopping hard vegetables and fruits much easier. Recommended for ages four and up, this kit will get them on the way to beautifully julienned veggies. BUY IT: MindWare $17

Global Eats Curriculum

Think of this curriculum from Raddish Kids as a DIY classroom for your small ones. The kits are meant for classes of 10 to 30, so if you're a teacher this is the set for you. Or, if you want to do a fun activity for a big playgroup or to gather up some friends on a school break, this set fits the bill. It includes teacher and student materials, recipes, skill cards and more. BUY IT: Raddish $195-$445

The Cookbook for Kids

Cookbooks have a way of exciting big and little chefs alike. Get your small cook a book all their own, and you may be surprised with which recipes they're excited by and can't wait to try. This one has recipes that are little more adventurous than average "kid" recipes, like fish tacos, but your burgeoning chef is sure to find loads of inspiration. BUY IT: Barnes & Noble $20