30+ DIY Kids' Room Decorations They'll Adore

Add a personal touch to your little one’s lair with these DIY decor projects. They'll love our fun furniture upgrades, playful wall art and colorful accessories.

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Photo By: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Photo By: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

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Photo By: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Photo By: Marko Metzinger

Perfect for Playtime: Dreamy Canopy

Create a special spot for your child to read, relax or play with toys with this simple, no-sew project. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Perfect for Playtime: Canvas Teepee

Made from a canvas drop cloth, this durable playhouse will hold up indoors or out. Once it's made, the kiddos can decorate it with paint. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Perfect for Playtime: Door Basketball Hoop

Transform a bedroom door into a basketball hoop and scoreboard with this easy project from HGTV Magazine. Paint the door with black chalkboard paint. Let dry. Assemble the basketball backboard and hoop, and hang it over the top of the door. Spray-paint a bin pull. Let dry. Using a hot-glue gun, attach it upside down to the door to use as a chalk holder. 

Perfect for Playtime: Checkerboard Table

IKEA's LACK table is perfectly sized and priced (about $10) to transform into a kid’s game table. We turned ours into a checkerboard and made Halloween-themed checkers for a kids' party, but you can make one to use any time of year. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Perfect for Playtime: Colorful Chalkboard

Use tintable chalkboard paint to make your own chalkboard in a fun hue. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Fun With Furniture: Starry Headboard

Have extra holiday string lights lying around? Use them to make an out-of-this-world illuminated headboard. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Fun With Furniture: Activity Table

Turn an old kitchen table into a kid-sized art and homework station. A big metal bowl in the middle holds pencils and art supplies. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Fun With Furniture: Decoupaged Map Chairs

Want to add a pop of playful color to plain wooden kids’ chairs? Cover them with an old map. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Fun With Furniture: Bunk Bed Drapery Panels

For the tween or teen who needs privacy, transform an old bunk bed with floor-to-ceiling drapery panels and a fresh coat of paint. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Up the Walls: Cork Art

Using a pumpkin carving stencil, a projector and sheets of cork, you can make this DIY bulletin board featured in HGTV Magazine with just about any design your child fancies. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Up the Walls: Washi Tape Design

Use washi tape to create a fun, colorful wall design. When you and your child are ready for a new look, it’s easily removable and won’t damage your walls. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Up the Walls: Animal Silhouette Growth Chart

Chart your child's growth with this cute, colorful and crafty wall hanging. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Up the Walls: Oversized Toy Art

Your child’s favorite toy will always be in sight with this project. Turn a treasured belonging into eye-catching artwork with a large printed photo and basic lumber. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Up the Walls: Wooden Game Letter Art

For a playful touch, spell out a child's name along with a family-friendly message using wooden game letters, then display them inside a shadowbox.

Up the Walls: Geometric Memo Board

Perfect for a teen's bedroom, this colorful pinboard doubles as an art installation. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Upcycle It: T-Shirt Headboard

Still hanging onto old T-shirts, jerseys or blankets your kids have outgrown? Upcycle them into a colorful, personalized headboard. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Upcycle It: T-Shirt Rug

Alternatively, you can turn those old T-shirts into a braided rug for your child’s bedroom or bathroom. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Upcycle It: Building-Block Drawer Pulls

Give a drab dresser a fun, colorful update with building-block drawer pulls. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Upcycle It: Rubber Toy Drawer Pulls

Or, repurpose old toys into playful pulls. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Upcycle It: Gold Leaf Toy

Turn any beloved object (like a favorite toy) into a display-worthy keepsake with a gold or silver leaf application. For a high-end metallic finish, all you need are leafing sheets, leafing adhesive and a detail paintbrush. Apply the sheets directly to the objects with a paintbrush dipped into the adhesive, then use the paintbrush to fill in any cracks. Display in a frame, on risers or inside a cloche.

Get Organized: Chalkboard Dresser

Teach your little one good organization habits by painting a dresser with chalkboard paint. Label the drawers to show your child where clothing and other items belong.

Get Organized: Wooden Crate Toy Storage

Collect wooden crates from local boutiques, flea markets, farmers’ markets or wine shops, and convert them into personalized mobile toy boxes. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Get Organized: Toybox Tags

Type the names of your kids' toys on these editable tags, then have them decorate the tags with pictures. Even if they can't read yet, they'll still know where to stow their stuff. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Get Organized: Cubby With Legs

Turn a basic milk crate into a kid-friendly side table with storage. Just follow these easy instructions from HGTV MagazineGet step-by-step instructions >>

Bright Lighting: Candy Wrapper Lamp Shade

The kiddo with the sweet tooth will love this easy, colorful lampshade update featured in HGTV MagazineGet step-by-step instructions >>

Bright Lighting: Chalkboard Lamps

Create a convenient spot for leaving messages for your little one by covering a lamp base with chalkboard paint. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Bright Lighting: Glitter Light Switch Plate

Jazz up a plain light switch plate with this easy project from HGTV MagazineGet step-by-step instructions >>

Whimsical Windows: Ombre Ruffled Curtains

This DIY sewing project is made simpler with a few tricks involving an iron, but will leave people thinking you're a master seamstress. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Whimsical Windows: Butterfly Garland

Bring the outdoors in with this charming garland. This easy project will look great no matter which side of the window you're looking through. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Study Time: Striped Desk

The DIY experts at HGTV Magazine transformed a dingy flea market desk into a cute, colorful piece perfect for a kid’s study area. All it took was paint, washi tape and Mod Podge. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Study Time: Desk Accessories

Use various containers like Mason jars, vases and tin cans to create a matching desk accessory set that will keep school essentials organized and within reach. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Study Time: Multifunctional Room Divider

Perfect for shared spaces, this multifunctional room divider features fabric on one side and chalkboard paint on the other for keeping track of homework assignments. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Kid-Friendly Crafts: Silhouette Artwork

Skip the expensive store-bought wall decor and download our free stencils instead. Attach them to canvas, then let the kids help out with the painting. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Kid-Friendly Crafts: Paper Dahlias

Perk up blank walls with a grouping of these bright, easy-to-make paper flowers. Get step-by-step instructions >>

Kid-Friendly Crafts: Photo Collage on a Letter

The kids will love helping out with this easy collage project. Decorate a large wooden or foam-core letter with photos, stickers and decorative tape. Get step-by-step instructions >>

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