No Kids Allowed: 10 Fun Party Ideas for Grown-Ups

You love your kids, but sometimes you want to spend time with adults only. We've rounded up 10 of our favorite ideas for you and your friends to party the night away.

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Outdoor Movie Night

You don't need a complicated, elaborate set-up to throw a fun outdoor movie night. Simply string a large white sheet in your backyard as a screen, and use a traditional or mini projector to broadcast a movie from your phone. Place pillows and blankets on the ground, so your guests stay comfy. Make each guest their own buttery bag of popcorn and provide a selection of candy bars and beverages, so everyone feels they're at the movies.

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For a late-night soiree, throw a karaoke party. Invest in a karaoke machine or download the Sing! app on your iPhone. For a fun twist, try karaoke roulette and have guests choose which song other guests should sing once they come up to the mic. Keep the food simple, and order pizza. Have plenty of beer on hand, and don't forget to take video to document your friends' most embarrassing karaoke moments of the night.

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Wine and Cheese Pairing Party

Throw a potluck wine and cheese pairing party, and ask each guest to bring their favorite bottle of wine and cheese. Provide crackers, bread and other condiments like pickles, figs, and olives. Set out the cheeses on big cutting boards, and provide cocktail plates so everyone can sample everything.

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Happy Hour

Throw an early evening happy hour party, but throw it at your house instead of going to a bar. Serve simple bar food snacks like nuts, pretzels and spicy potato chips in small bowls. Create a signature drink for the evening, but also provide a variety of craft beers. Hand out bottle opener keychains as party favors.

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Breakfast for Dinner

Eating breakfast is way more fun after the sun goes down, which is why you and your friends are going to love a breakfast for dinner party. Serve mimosas or Bloody Mary's with your breakfast spread to keep the brunch theme going. You can even tell your guests to show up in their pajamas to really embrace the early morning vibe.

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Cooking Night

For a smaller get-together, invite all of your friends over for a cooking party. Hire a local chef, and let everyone learn a new skill for the evening. If you're a self-proclaimed chef, teach the lesson yourself. Have everyone work on an individual dish, and make a delicious 4-course meal for everyone to enjoy. Give guests aprons as a party favor, so they can practice their new skills at home.

Potluck Picnic

For a more relaxed, casual party idea, throw a potluck picnic. Have the picnic in your backyard, or meet your friends in a nearby park. Ask everyone to make a dish, and set up all the food family style on a big blanket. Bring a few backyard games and a portable speaker to play music. Don't forget plates, napkins, and a cooler filled with your favorite beverages.

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Game Night

Throw a good, old-fashioned game night featuring your favorite board games. Choose more traditional games such as chess, Scrabble, or checkers if you want to kick it old school, or share some laughs with Scattegories or Cards Against Humanity. Serve passable snacks like chips and popcorn, and pair with cans of wine.

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What's For Dessert?

Skip dinner altogether and throw a desserts-only party. If you love to bake, spend the day baking yummy desserts. If you don't enjoy baking, pick up delicious sweet treats from the bakery department of your local supermarket or your favorite bakery, and place them on pretty servingware. Serve boozy adult milkshakes or boozy coffee drinks to kick things up a notch.

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Spa Party

Throw the ultimate spa party night for your closest friends. Stock up on individually-packaged sheet masks, make a few big batches of fruit-infused waters and healthy, family-style salads, play calming music and light some candles. Ask guests to come in comfy lounge wear, and give out sleep masks as party favors.

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