10 Gender-Neutral Birthday Ideas for Kids

The party aisle at most big-box stores has a pink side and a blue side. If you want a color palette or theme that's more inclusive and unisex, check out these fun ideas.

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Explorer Party

Inspired by Indiana Jones, throw an adventurer's party complete with puzzles, a scavenger hunt and hidden treasure. Upcycle old maps for party invitations and decor.

Outer Space Party

Blast off with an outer space-themed party complete with astronaut and NASA-inspired decor. We love these adorable planet cupcake toppers from Merrilulu.

Jungle Safari Party

Calling all party animals! Turn your home into a tropical jungle with a watering hole, treetop treats and other pun-tastic areas. If you got on the tropical leaf trend this summer, just upcycle that decor. And animal print scarves work as a great table runner. We also love these animal print party utensils from 1 Pixie Place.

Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter is a great, universal theme for parties with easy DIYs such as Hogwarts letters, an entrance to Diagon Alley or turning a witches hat from the dollar store into a Sorting Hat. Guests can celebrate their house pride with these adorable felt ties from online maker Lisa Abboud-Zitner.

Science Lab Party

Turn your home into a science lab where future scientists can make slime and snack on beaker-shaped sugar cookies and drink mini bottles of H20. Instead of party hats, kids can wear white lab coats and these awesome "security clearance" badges. You can buy and download the template at Printable Studio 505 and personalize each badge for guests.

Neon Party

This is such a fun and budget-friendly party idea. Stock up on glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces and wands at the dollar store for a glow-in-the-dark bash. If you’re partying outside, glow-in-the-dark silly string is also tons of fun.

Dinosaur Party

Have dino-mite time with a dinosaur-themed party. Instead of giving out a goody bag of candy and plastic toys that are sure to get lost in the car, make these easy and adorable dinosaur hoods for party guests. Get the how-to instructions.

Under the Sea Party

If you can’t swing a trip to the aquarium, bring the ocean to your home with fun, under-the-sea decor. You can make giant jellyfish with an umbrella and paper streamers from the dollar store. And cheddar fish crackers are always a good standby. We also love these sea creature-themed paper straws from online maker Paper Works Gifts.

Art Party

If your birthday girl or boy, loves art class, turn your home into a giant art studio with a painting station, craft area or maybe even a tie-dye table outside. For decorations, we love these giant paintbrushes made from pool noodles. Get the how-to instructions.

Nautical Party

Set sail and turn your home into a pretend ship for a fun "day at sea." Instead of party hats, kids can wear skipper hats and the birthday kid can wear a captain’s hat! Most nautical flags and nautical style riffs off a red, white and blue color palette, so, you may be able to reuse and upcycle Fourth of July decorations you already have.