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10 Gender-Neutral Birthday Ideas for Kids

The party aisle at most big-box stores has a pink side and a blue side. If you want a color palette or theme that's more inclusive and unisex, check out these fun ideas.

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Photo: Laura Fenton

Explorer Party

Inspired by Indiana Jones, throw an adventurer's party complete with puzzles, a scavenger hunt and hidden treasure. Upcycle old maps for party invitations and decor.

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Photo: Ranhee Butler

Outer Space Party

Blast off with an outer space-themed party complete with astronaut and NASA-inspired decor. We love these adorable planet cupcake toppers from Merrilulu.

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Photo: 1PixiePlace

Jungle Safari Party

Calling all party animals! Turn your home into a tropical jungle with a watering hole, treetop treats and other pun-tastic areas. If you got on the tropical leaf trend this summer, just upcycle that decor. And animal print scarves work as a great table runner. We also love these animal print party utensils from 1 Pixie Place.

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Photo: Lisa Abboud-Zitner

Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter is a great, universal theme for parties with easy DIYs such as Hogwarts letters, an entrance to Diagon Alley or turning a witches hat from the dollar store into a Sorting Hat. Guests can celebrate their house pride with these adorable felt ties from online maker Lisa Abboud-Zitner.

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