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Kids' Vintage-Inspired Gumball Birthday Party

By: Kara Allen
Throw your child a vintage gumball birthday party with these easy, fun ideas for an experience any boy or girl would love and never forget.
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Vintage Gumball Theme

Throw a birthday party that any boy or girl would love like this vintage-inspired gumball party. The multitude of colors complements the main colors red and aqua for an eye-pleasing effect. The lifelike gumball machine cake made by Dippidee is the focal point of the 1950s-inspired table. The table and all the old-fashioned elements make guests feel as if they're in a 1950s soda shop. To dress up the walls, hang a banner that goes with the theme, like this print-at-home banner by Gwynn Wasson Designs.

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Polka Dot Oreo Cookies

Add polka dot details that resemble gumballs to the dessert. These white-chocolate-covered Oreos by Sweeties by Kim are topped with bold red and pink polka dots made with cocoa butter. The aqua blue scalloped plate completes the playful look.

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Gumball Machine Sweets

The Internet is a great place to look for one-of-a-kind desserts that represent your party's theme and that guests will want to bite into. These miniature gumball machine cookies made by batches are freshly made and shipped right to your front door.

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Vintage Accessories

For an old-fashioned look, display vintage objects on the dessert table. Coca-Cola brand crates, previously used to carry glass coke bottles, hold small glass jars filled with gumballs. The crates, found in the local classifieds, act as the perfect display for the colorful gumballs, and the simple addition allows guests to feel as if they've gone back in time.

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