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20 Enviable Garage Spaces You Have to See to Believe

April 17, 2020

Whether you dream of a space for your beloved car collection or just an organized workspace free of clutter, we can all agree that these garages are what dreams are made of.

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We Have Lift-Off

This small space is a car lover’s dream. A lift turns one parking spot into two without a major renovation and makes car maintenance a breeze. Even better, the racks against the ceiling make storing winter tires easier than ever.

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Photo: Teresa Ryback. From: Teresa Ryback.

The Quintessential Man Cave

When you really love cars, your garage is less for car storage and more like a car shrine. Where most people would make every effort to ensure no one can see into their garage, this home’s owner decided to put up glass walls as if the garage was a display case in the man cave. After seeing it, we get it.

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Photo: Premier Estate Properties, Inc., a member of Luxury Portfolio International. From: Premier Estate Properties, Inc..

Super Spacious

Supercars are called "super" for a reason. So, when you have a couple of supercars, your only option is to build a garage worthy of their superiority. This means hardwood floors, accent lighting, a lift, and space enough for a few daily drivers as well.

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Photo: Brian Rozar. From: Tiffany Brooks.

Dual-Purpose Design

Ideally, even if you converted your garage space to serve another purpose, it could still serve its main purpose: storing your car. The genius of this garage is that it houses a full, stylish workout setup that sits completely out of the way of the car.

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