20 Enviable Garage Spaces You Have to See to Believe

Whether you dream of a space for your beloved car collection or just an organized workspace free of clutter, we can all agree that these garages are what dreams are made of.

April 17, 2020
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Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: GarageLiving.com

We Have Lift-Off

This small space is a car lover’s dream. A lift turns one parking spot into two without a major renovation and makes car maintenance a breeze. Even better, the racks against the ceiling make storing winter tires easier than ever.

The Quintessential Man Cave

When you really love cars, your garage is less for car storage and more like a car shrine. Where most people would make every effort to ensure no one can see into their garage, this home’s owner decided to put up glass walls as if the garage was a display case in the man cave. After seeing it, we get it.

From: Teresa Ryback

Super Spacious

Supercars are called "super" for a reason. So, when you have a couple of supercars, your only option is to build a garage worthy of their superiority. This means hardwood floors, accent lighting, a lift, and space enough for a few daily drivers as well.

Dual-Purpose Design

Ideally, even if you converted your garage space to serve another purpose, it could still serve its main purpose: storing your car. The genius of this garage is that it houses a full, stylish workout setup that sits completely out of the way of the car.

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Clean and Simple

Ample lighting, a beautiful concrete floor and a cozy, secluded workspace turn an otherwise ordinary garage into a dream space. The stylish addition of a warm wooden bench against the stark white walls gives the garage just the right amount of character.

Out-of-the-Box Storage Solution

Here’s a garage that has the perfect solution to the space problem. Beneath the two-car garage is a car vault that lifts to ground level when needed and sinks out of harm’s way when not. This feature is perfect for a treasured collector car or even just a third car with nowhere else to go.

The New Bonus Room

Your garage is an extension of your home, so why not finish it with custom cabinetry, a stainless-steel refrigerator, granite countertops and even a TV? This space not only stores a few of the owner’s prized possessions but also serves as a luxurious workout room.

Picture Perfect

There aren’t many things more satisfying than a clean, well-organized garage. This garage’s spotless finished-concrete floor, bold blue walls and black cabinetry are the perfect contrast to the stark white exterior of the home.

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Ultimate Carriage-House

It doesn’t get better than an in-garage bar with up-close views of your prized coupe. However, it does help if the garage in question is this mind-blowingly gorgeous. At this point, is it even a garage anymore?

Storage Simplified

Though this garage is one of the humbler spaces on the list, it packs an organizational punch. The layout of the bins and shelving allows for easily accessed storage while leaving room for a car to pull in. Plus, we’re suckers for the two-tone walls.

Luxuriously Sensible

Speckled cement floors, checkered carpet tiles and modern artwork transform a beautiful space into a luxurious one. If the beauty isn’t enough, this sleek garage also has ample room for automobiles, including a spot reserved for charging electric vehicles.

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Modern Motorcar Museum

Some people use the garage to showcase their personality and taste. For auto enthusiasts, the cars within the walls are as much a piece of decor as they are a utilitarian object. Beneath this modern home is a garage full of quirky automobiles steeped in history that we all wouldn’t mind living above.

Color-Coordinated Luxury

A state-of-the-art lift makes working on cars in this garage truly a dream. Color-matched cabinets, recessed lighting overhead and sleek flooring below all add to the luxury of the space.

Stress-Free Garage

This breezy, indoor-outdoor garage space is exactly what the doctor ordered. With a beautiful finished concrete floor making room for two cars, a swinging day bed, plus storage for kayaks, bikes and even a humidity-controlled storage space for golf clubs, it is fully centered on rest and relaxation.

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Underground Car Vault

When you don’t have space for a traditional garage but need to store your multi-million-dollar car collection, you’re forced to get creative. Like multi-level glass-car-vault-in-the-yard creative. Oh, and let's not forget the revolving car display embedded in the grass.

From: Hilton & Hyland and Luxury Portfolio International®

Keep It Light

If you plan to spend a lot of time in your garage, why not make it as beautiful as your home? With glass garage doors and a gorgeous chandelier, this stark white space has the perfect amount of light, bright and airy ambiance to get you through whatever project is on your list.

Black on Black

Pristine Italian supercars shine within the bright and spacious set up in this modern-minimalist garage. Plain white walls keep the enclosed space light, while sleek black cabinets and tool storage ensure that everything has a place.

Throw Some Color On It

If you love bold colors, this is the garage for you. Yellow and blue checkerboard floors? Check. Floor to ceiling blue cabinets? Check. Bright yellow countertops? Check. This garage is more than just bold colors. The jaw-dropping workbench is ready for anything from weekend projects to car tune-ups.

Well-Placed Window

In addition to the window inserts on the front panel-style doors, this garage also includes an energy-efficient window on a sidewall that floods the space with light. If you've ever worked in a garage with no windows, you surely can appreciate the effect that a little natural light can have.

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Organized Perfection

This meticulously organized garage fights an everyday problem homeowners face: clutter. With two walls of cabinets and storage, everything has a place and is kept out of sight, making the space feel clean and leaving plenty of room for the family car.

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