Before and After: 8 Dramatic Garage Remodels

Need extra square footage in your home? Steal some from your garage! Get inspired by these garages converted into apartments, studios, game rooms and more.

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November 25, 2014
By: Susan Kleinman
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Photo By: Tom Bonner; Design By: Susan Jay

Photo By: Jade Chang; Design By: Lucie Ayres of 22 Interiors

Photo By: Deborah Gliksman

Photo By: Deborah Gliksman

Photo By: Kimberly Gehr; Design By: Beth Dana

Photo By: Kimberly Gehr; Design By: Beth Dana

Photo By: Melissa Oivanki; Design By: Custom Home Designs, LLC

Photo By: Melissa Oivanki; Design By: Custom Home Designs, LLC

Photo By: Mark Miller; Design By: Frazier Associates

Photo By: Mark Miller; Design By: Frazier Associates

Photo By: Mark Miller; Design By: Frazier Associates

Photo By: Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Photo By: Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Photo By: Erin Bucy, Holland Design & Remodeling

Before: Packed With Clutter

This garage was like many others: raw, cluttered and underutilized. When the city denied an application to expand the main residence for an office and additional living space, designer Susan Jay suggested converting the garage.

After: Midcentury Style

In addition to a work and entertaining space, a stationary metal-and-glass garage door was installed to allow maximum natural light. Other features Jay included are radiant heat between the new concrete floor and commercial carpet, a wall air conditioning unit, a new sliding entrance to the rear, a large picture window, midcentury lighting, and custom cabinetry for storage and media equipment.

Before: Bare and Boring

Minivans do just fine outside in the rain. Minivan passengers? Not quite as well.

After: Playroom for Kids

Designer Lucie Ayres of 22 Interiors converted this garage into a playroom that can be used in any weather — and by kids of any age. The desk along the wall is perfect for arts and crafts, homework — or a parent who wants to keep an eye on what's going on while catching up on emails.

Before: An Unwanted Eyesore

Designer Deborah Gliksman knew she needed an extra bedroom to accommodate her teenagers, but adding a second floor was too expensive. Meanwhile, says Gliksman, "the garage was unused, basically a repository for unwanted stuff and seemed the most cost-effective and practical solution."

After: A Functional Studio

Gliksman designed a full, freestanding studio apartment with a kitchen and bathroom, sleeping alcove and living space. "All the furniture is dual function to eke out the maximum efficiency possible," she says. "The kitchen table functions as an island and work desk."

After: Everything in One Space

"And the dresser serves as a nightstand, while the divider serves as a TV console," Gliksman notes. There is plenty of storage in this pint-sized studio. Besides the ample clothes closet, there is an entire wall of storage behind the couch and a wall of kitchen cabinets. "We are part of the trend of home compounds," she says. "Above the studio is a wonderful, large office space and exercise room with a vaulted roof. We really have everything we need on the one property under two roofs."

Before: A Blank Slate

Like many old garages, this one was lined in unfinished wood with exposed electric wiring.

After: Sunny Studio

Designer Beth Dana converted the space to a bright, finished-looking studio. When the original 1920s doors are open, the studio becomes a tropical oasis, with avocado and orange trees, bamboo and a trellis overflowing with bountiful climbing roses.

After: Petite Kitchen

A small kitchen makes the space convenient for guests or an all-day “staycation.”

Before: Ho-Hum Design

Once part of a standard suburban garage, this space got a new lease on life as part of a large-scale home renovation by John G. Guillory, CAPS, CGA, AIBD, of Custom Home Designs, LLC.

After: Handsome Family Room

The space was completely transformed, and now includes a comfortable family room.

Before: Chaotic Corner

An adjacent storage area was cleared of its clutter and overhauled, as well.

After: Neat Home Office Nook

Now, the former catch-all is a stylish and efficient home office.

Before: Neglected Commercial Space

Located in Staunton, Virginia’s historic district, this commercial garage had been unused for years.

After: Chic Apartment

Frazier Associates converted the duplex garage space into a chic apartment with a storefront-type entrance that blends into this hopping stretch of a main street.

Before: Grimy Brick

The original structure was lined with unfinished brick, grown sooty from the passage of time — and cars.

After: Stylish Accent Wall

Cleaned and brightened, the old garage brick is now a focal point of the apartment.

After: Bright Bedroom

Upstairs, a skylight makes the new bedroom sunny and cheerful despite the lack of windows in the walls.

Before: Planning the Remodel

A crew from HGTV captured the early stages of this garage renovation by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

After: Added Living Space

The completed project — always ready for its close up — looks as great from the exterior as it does within.

After: Lively Lounge

The garage’s vaulted ceiling gives the new lounge a spacious, lofty feeling. Keeping the ceiling and walls all white adds brightness — and serves as a great backdrop for colorful furnishings.

Before: Wasted Space

Small and rundown, Erin Bucy’s garage was both an eyesore and a waste of valuable space.

After: Funky Gathering Spot

With some light reconstruction and bold paint choices, Bucy’s firm, Holland Remodeling & Building, converted the garage to a tiki bar — a fun, funky “destination spot” on their property. For a different spin on the same idea, you could create a cigar bar or your own private espresso station.

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