50 Garage Door Ideas to Enhance Your Home's Exterior

A garage door can make up a large portion of your home's exterior design. Lucky for us, they have come a long way from the boring builder-grade choices. Take inspiration from some of our favorite designs to add instant beauty to any home.

May 07, 2020

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Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

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Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Courtesy of Clopay

Photo By: Pinnacle Estate Properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

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Photo By: Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

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Photo By: Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

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Double Bay Beauty

Double bay, Craftsman-style doors are the perfect fit for this stylish and charming abode. The simple molding on the doors create just enough texture while glass panels at the top allow light to flow into the garage space. When the sun goes down, three gooseneck sconces illuminate and highlight the exterior of the doors.

Dynamic Duo

Dark gray and natural wood are a top color combination choice for any design. Here, the dark exterior draws attention to the wooden garage door and matching porch columns for a pop of warm contrast.

Flower Frame

The three garage stalls of this Mediterranean mansion take up a large portion of the home's exterior. Trellises covered in stunning bougainvillea frame the wooden doors, drawing the eye to the beautiful detailing on them.

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From: Illustrated Properties and Luxury Portfolio International®

Bold in Black

A grouping of four windows is placed on the side of this modern garage door to create a unique style and allow natural light in. For a look that's impossible to ignore, paint the garage door, window trim and front door a bold shade of black.

Handsomely Cozy

The first thing you notice when pulling up to this modern mountain retreat is the wooden details of the exterior — including a pair of handsome garage doors. The doors are made from durable and low-maintenance steel and finished in a warm walnut hue that adds to the cozy vibe of the home's exterior.

Modern Meets Industrial

The dark exterior of this home beautifully contrasts the industrial style of the glass and metal garage doors. Together, the look is modern and inviting without feeling too stark or imposing.

Better in Blue

These garage doors may look and feel like real wood but are made of moisture-resistant materials that won’t rot, warp or crack. Like real wood, the doors can be painted or stained to match any style. Here, a bright blue hue spotlights the doors' detailings and allows them to stand out against the neutral siding.

Best of Both Worlds

Energy-efficient, Craftsman-style doors make up the front of this forest green freestanding garage. The doors come complete with an insulated steel base and are finished with a faux wood composite cladding that gives the exterior of this structure a rich, warm and attractive look.

Pattern Play

Barn-style doors create an eye-catching display on the front of this charming Dutch Colonial home. The unique pattern creates an abundance of visual interest while white and soft gray hues continue the neutral theme of the home.

Jewel of the Block

Warm wood garage doors on a home constructed of mostly glass and steel are the perfect stylistic juxtaposition. The hidden well lights beneath the doors provide just enough light to highlight the doors at night without impeding cars entering and exiting the garage.

The Perfect Combo

Boost your curb appeal with a pair of sleek, contemporary garage doors. The straight lines of the doors add a modern element to the exterior while translucent window-like panels elevate the look.

Luxurious Mix + Match

Mixing textures works especially well when the materials complement each other. Here, stone siding breaks up the wooden details of this architecturally rich cabin. Three warm honey, arched garage doors and a matching side door complete the rustic look on the ground level.

Glass Panel Accents

With an all-brick surround, this garage door stands out thanks to its rich black hue. A modern take on the traditional door, six glass panels add a splash of character while also elevating the overall look.

Sturdy Steel

The sturdy white doors on this detached garage resemble the elegant wood designs on traditional carriage house doors. Their classic style enhances the architectural beauty of the structure.

Clean Lines

A contemporary home exterior deserves an equally contemporary garage door. The crisp clean lines of this house are accented by a black metal door with frosted acrylic inserts for a look that's understated yet elevated.

Durable Door

This slate blue and white garage features a rich mahogany door with superior insulated steel construction. The durability makes the inside of the garage perfect for a living space and vehicles alike.

Bye-Bye Basic

Don't sacrifice your home's style by choosing a builder-grade garage door. Instead, enhance the exterior with doors that offer a complementing design to your home such as the carriage-style ones seen here.

Tons of Texture

The architecture of this charming modern home allows the garage doors to shine in all their glory. Matching doors with recessed panels create eye-catching texture that fits right in with the abundance of design details on the home's front façade.

Privacy, Please

Exterior lighting mounted underneath the soffit gives this garage a warm, welcoming glow. The frosted glass door lets in filtered natural light during the day and blends in with the home's black grid windows when illuminated at night.

Rich With Warmth

Calling all farmhouse-style lovers! This rustic-chic garage door is for you. The carriage-style door features trendy cross-beam detailing while a dark brown hue offers a warm contrast to the bright white siding.

Enhance With Color

Say goodbye to the days of a boring garage door. A cheery shade of red is a real eye-catcher on these matching doors. Simple black handles add sleek, industrial notes to the traditional design of the exterior.

Better by the Beach

This luxurious beach house exudes seaside vibes thanks to the louvered, or shutter-style, garage doors. During the day, the doors can be flipped open to let a fresh breeze and natural light into the space and closed at night for privacy and security.

Modern Metal

Metal garage doors are a functional and stylish way to elevate the look of an industrial-style home. Along with the garage doors, metal siding brings this modern look together.

It's All in the Details

An all-white look doesn't have to be uninteresting. Subtle details on the carriage-style doors effortlessly boost the curb appeal of this modern farmhouse. Crossbeam detailing creates visual interest while upper windows allow a glowing light to emanate from within.

Symmetrical Bliss

Rather than use a bold stain color, the designer of this home left the cedar garage doors untreated and used light strips on each side of the door to cast a glow on the surface. This ingenuity makes the modern-industrial home look warm and inviting.

Attractive Accents

A large garage door means more space for accents. This Tudor-style home's garage features a door with a plethora of raised panels, a wood lattice awning and two concrete planters — all of which add to the attractive design of the exterior.

Power of Paint

Looking to update your current door without replacing it? Turn to paint. This two-car garage was given an update by painting the existing recessed paneled doors a sleek, blue-gray shade and adding thick wooden beams to the front façade.

From: Elizabeth Demos

Customization Is Key

Specialty garage doors are the perfect way to add a custom touch to your exterior. Take your home's style into account and look for elements that will complement — not overwhelm —the design, such as the bright white and gray barn-style doors seen here.

Matching Stripes

Stripes make exteriors anything but boring. With its clean, meticulously crafted lines, this modern home draws your eye to the fun garage door and matching siding.

Twice as Nice

Two charcoal garage doors feature a cedar cladding that has been stained to withstand the elements. The cladding gives the doors a rustic look while maintaining the warm feel of the surrounding brick.

Classic Carriage Doors (on the Cheap)

Carriage house garage doors are highly sought after, but these charming additions quickly add up in cost. Luckily there’s a budget-friendly alternative: these magnetic hinges and handles will take your door from drab to fab instantly for just $12 — no hardware required.

Cohesive Design

A sleek, contemporary garage door greets occupants when they pull into this driveway. The black metal frame creates a cohesive feel with the blend of wood panels and white stone exterior detailing.

Muted Wood

Muted wood garage doors allow the intricate architectural details of this home to shine on their own. The garage complements the home's overall design without taking away the spotlight.

Faux Wood

Faux wood doors are a great choice for durability and longevity. Here, stylish matching doors are made from low-maintenance steel and covered with a composite overlay that's molded from actual wood for a realistic grain texture.

Recessed Panels

Instead of the traditional raised panels seen on most garage doors, these matching doors feature recessed panels. This detailing gives a modern approach to the standard design while providing the same visual interest.

Very Victorian

Not into a flashy garage door? Opt instead to paint the exterior to match your home. Here, a paneled door features the same green and brown color scheme as its Victorian-style counterpart behind.

Edgy Trio

This trio of wooden garage doors adds an edge to the home's sharp design. The warm wood with black trim contrasts the concrete walls and glass panels but when combined, create a modern design.

Timeless Appeal

Tough and versatile, fiberglass garage doors are the easiest to maintain and come in nearly any design and color. Here, a matching duo of doors showcases a snippet of carriage, craftsman and traditional styles.

Modern Flair

These matching garage doors mimic the traditional doors seen on most houses but with black glass panels instead of raised panels. The design brings a new sophistication to the typical door while creating a unique look that's perfect for modern-design enthusiasts.

Visual Interest

Whitewashed wood shingles paired with light grain wooden garage doors give this guest apartment French country curb appeal. The arched tops of the doors add visual interest to the lower half of the exterior.

From: Dorsey Alston Realtors and Luxury Portfolio International®

Trim It Out

Trim is an easy and inexpensive way to add contrast and dimension to the exterior of your doors. Here, bright white trim separates the garage doors from the siding and draws attention to the stylish black hinges and handles.

Serious Style

Alternating grain patterns and an abundance of recessed panels give this garage door serious style.

Neutral Notions

To continue the neutral theme of the home, two beautifully detailed arched doors were chosen for the garage bays. Simple details such as contrasting trim and glass panels add major design and intrigue to the front façade.

Bright White Traditional

Traditional-style garage doors are known for their rows of raised panels. Here, the traditional door design is taken up a notch thanks to four arched glass groupings at the top and a striking bright white molding surround.

Farmhouse Details

Wooden garage doors, stained and finished with a clear coat of polyurethane, allow this home's country character to shine through. Wooden shutters and window boxes match the doors and add to the home's farmhouse design.

Reflective Thinking

For an interesting visual effect, well lights were installed in the driveway below these garage doors. Because the doors are stainless steel, the abstract reflection of the lights on the door amplifies the impact of the lighting on the home’s design.

Rich Mahogany

To help give the home an updated exterior look, designers replaced the home's original garage door with a beautiful dark-stained mahogany door. The new door adds a richer and warmer feel to the existing bright blue siding.

Spanish Charm

Enhance your Mediterannean — or Mission-style — home with garage bays that feature unique architectural details. Wooden doors with wrought-iron handles and hinges add effortless flair without overwhelming the look of the rounded bays.

Modern Matching

What looks like one streamlined wooden door is actually two garage doors broken up by the glow of minimalist black downlights. The same cedar is used on both the garage doors and siding accent to add visual interest to the overall design of this modern house.

Art Deco

This modern double garage entrance features metal and glass accents, an atrium and contemporary sconces. The unexpected combination makes for a cool, contemporary look.

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