10 Ideas for Garage Doors

How to choose materials, plus match your home's style and colors.

Photo By: Clopay

Photo By: Clopay

Photo By: Clopay

Photo By: Clopay

Photo By: Clopay

Photo By: Clopay

Contemporary Style

Garage doors can make up a large portion of your home's exterior design, and if facing the street, they may be the first thing visitors see. Here are some tips on how your doors can enhance your home's style. Photo courtesy of Clopay.

Spanish Charm

Got a Mediterannean- or Mission-style home? Enhance it with a garage that adds to the architectural detail, featuring wooden doors with wrought-iron handles and hinges. Design by Robert Hidey

Modern Design Tips

For contemporary or modern homes, look for anodized metal frames holding clear or frosted acrylic inserts. Photo courtesy of Clopay.

Most Popular Material: Fiberglass

Fiberglass garage doors are the easiest to maintain and come in nearly any design. They are paintable, so you can finish them to match the trim on your house. Design by KB Home

Farmhouse Details

Wooden garage doors, stained and finished with a clear coat of polyurethane, allow this home's country character to shine through. Photo courtesy of Clopay.

Color Palette

Garage doors should complement or match your colors. At this home, the garage doors blend in because they perfectly match the siding. Photo courtesy of Clopay.

French Country

Mix exterior door finishes to add interest. This French country design showcases a natural wood front door, while the garage door is painted in a cool, neutral beige. Design by Dahlin Group

Carriage House

For traditional homes, consider garage doors with classic carriage-style design. Photo courtesy of Clopay.

The Benefits of Aluminum

Aluminum doors offer a clean, sleek design scheme, cost less and have fewer maintenance issues. Photo courtesy of Clopay.

Customize Your Doors

From ornate glass inserts to specialty shapes, garage door panels add a custom touch to your exterior design. Look for paneling that doesn't overwhelm the style of your house. Design by JZMK Partners

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