High-End Car Garage Barn

This lovely carriage house from Daniel Contelmo was designed to house and display an impressive car collection. The building mimics an old stone barn and features a built-in library as well as a bar and entertainment area.

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September 25, 2015

Photo By: Daniel Contelmo Jr.

Photo By: Chris Kendall

Photo By: Daniel Contelmo Jr.

Photo By: Daniel Contelmo Jr.

Photo By: Daniel Contelmo Jr.

Photo By: Chris Kendall

Photo By: Chris Kendall

Photo By: Chris Kendall

Photo By: Daniel Contelmo Jr.

Photo By: Daniel Contelmo Jr.

Photo By: Daniel Contelmo Jr.

Charming Carriage House With Stone Exterior

This spacious carriage house boasts a beautiful exterior with charming stone and a traditional roofline. The driveway leads to a brick courtyard designed for parties; the courtyard is adjacent to the bar and sitting area inside.

Carriage House Boasts Earth-Toned Stone Exterior

Architect Daniel Contelmo worked side by side with the masons to select and set the large stones that create this carriage house's curved base, which tapers in two directions. The entire exterior features earth tones that coordinate beautifully with the woodland surroundings.

Rustic, Barn-Like Carriage House Provides Car Storage

This 5,000-square-foot carriage house — mainly dedicated to car storage and display — was designed to evoke the feel of a 150-year-old barn. The stone walls were erected with some of the original stones taken from walls built by farmers who previously owned the property.

Luxury Garage Boasts Charming, Barn-Inspired Appeal

There's more to be admired in this luxury garage than just the impressive automobiles. Brick floors with radiant heating add charm underfoot, and exposed ceiling beams add rustic, barn-inspired appeal overhead.

Timber-Frame Car Barn Offers Catwalk for Viewing

The main space in this timber-frame car barn is dedicated to automobiles. A custom steel catwalk offers a view of the impressive car collection from above.

Sophisticated Metal Staircase in Luxury Garage

The stairs that ascend to the catwalk were designed to resemble the main staircase of a prominent building where the homeowner received his undergraduate degree. The elegant metal staircase looks beautiful against the lovely brick floors.

Custom Steel Catwalk With Elegant Railing

This custom steel catwalk was set within the barn's structure for a bird's-eye view of the homeowner's car collection below. The metal railing is delicate enough to achieve an open, airy atmosphere.

Luxury Garage Features Rustic Sliding Barn Doors

Custom mahogany sliding barn doors supported by heavy iron tracks and pulleys provide entry into this luxury garage. Above, detailed woodwork and windows with multiple muntins create an aged feeling. Below, brick flooring looks charming and historic but features radiant heating for an updated touch.

Bar Offers View of Car Display

The carriage house features its own bar, which serves as an intimate gathering space. The bar also offers an uninterrupted view of the car display.

Rustic Bar With Industrial Barstools

A full wet bar and entertainment area are located next to the car display in this luxury garage. Industrial metal barstools line the bar, providing the perfect place to talk cars over a cocktail.

Carriage House Resembles Historic Barn

The carriage house, designed to store and display an impressive car collection, is nestled among the trees. The structure, resembling an old barn, relates to its surroundings and provides an area for running the cars' motors outdoors and includes space for outdoor display.

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