10 Great Garage Conversions

Garages might be meant for storing cars, but all too often they become dusty junk repositories instead. Pull up to new possibilities with inspiration from these clever garage conversions that transformed unused spaces into home offices, bars and even a BMX ramp.
By: Karli Sanders

Game On

A serious video gamer felt compelled to create a space where he could indulge his hobby in style. The result was this garage conversion complete with checkerboard tile floors, plenty of storage space for games and equipment, and a captain's chair for comfort and cool points.

Track Ready

Families with "extreme" kids will definitely be jealous of this BMX garage conversion. Helmets and gear hang in glass cabinets, metal lockers hold tools and a miniature ramp provides practice space for the smallest competitors.

Casino Royale

Converting your garage into an in-home casino may seem like a gamble, but proper planning assures that an unused space won't become a well-worn line on your to-do list.

Multifunctional Makeover

This converted garage, nicknamed "Ron's Ruckus Room," gets the award for most uses. It serves as a bar, a game room, a tool shed and still manages to have room for the owners to park their cars. Check out the air-brushed flames on the door. Design by HGTV fan Ron's Garage

Crooner's Retreat

A much-needed home office was created by revamping a dusty garage. Retro furnishings, canned lighting and Rat Pack artwork put the office into the swing of things. Check out Sammy Davis Jr. on the walls.

Lodge Life

A large two-car garage gets a second life as a lodge-themed rec room and bar. A stone fireplace, tartan wallpaper and hardwood floors give this space rustic charm.

Stylish Home Theater

Rather than using her garage for cluttered storage and laundry duty, HGTV fan Werbucks converted it into a beloved family theater complete with stadium seating, mood lighting and Egyptian pharaohs.

Ridin' Into the Sunset

Check out this shiny biker bar from HGTV fan mlamart. Checkerboard floors, authentic barstools and signs, and a few real motorcycles transform this once-forgotten garage into a respectful tribute to an old friend.

Love That Laundry

HGTV fan colorchick turned an unused and derelict garage space into a serene and organized laundry room. Boxes of junk and a hard, cement floor were cleared away to make room for white-washed cabinets and a colorful rug.

No Girls Allowed

This Harley-themed hangout is the ultimate man cave. Gun-metal gray furniture, a bare-bones bar and plenty of neon signs give this space just enough rustic style and comfort for even the manliest of men. Design by HGTV fan Gunslinger

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