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The Best Garage Products From I Want That

We've collected 14 nifty products from DIY Network's popular show to help you organize your garage and simplify your life.

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Christmas Ornament Storage

If you're storing your Christmas ornaments in the garage, you want to make sure they're in protective containers, like these from Household Essentials. We love the front-view version, which makes it faster to find them come November.

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Tools and Fasteners, Organized

The Festool Systainer is a lightweight, durable, stackable system that lets you organize tools and fasteners in one easy-to-find space.

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Keep Your Dishes Safe + Dust-Free

So you bought another set of dishes at the yard sale last Saturday and now you need to store them? Household Essentials has a solution for that (the storage part; not the addiction to dishes, unfortunately).

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Photo: Lexey Swall/Getty Images

Space-Saving Saw

The Dremel Moto-Saw is two convenient saws in one — a stationary yet easily portable scroll saw that attaches to any table, including bench-tops and kitchen countertops, and also converts to a light weight, detachable handheld coping saw.

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