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Solutions to the 30 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes

Learn how to avoid common landscaping blunders and how to remedy the ones that may already be creeping into your yard.

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Photo: © iStockphoto/yulyao

Mistake: Not Recycling Your Fall Yard Waste

Fall yard projects tend to produce a good amount of waste; what a shame to let good waste go to waste.

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Photo: © iStockphoto/piotr_malczyk

Solution: Compost It

Instead of tossing out those fall leaves, branches, clippings and other debris from your fall clean-up, dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. Rent a shredder and turn them into mulch, and put lawn clippings back on the lawn — they are both great fertilizers. Better yet, create a compost pile or build a compost bin. Layer yard waste with food scraps and in no time you'll have rich fertilzer that didn't cost you a dime.

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From: Curb Appeal

Mistake: Neglecting Curb Appeal

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal. A lot of homeowners put all of their energy into the backyard, but the front of the house is where first impressions are made.

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From: Curb Appeal

Solution: Do These Three Things

There are three simple improvements you can make that make a big difference. Paint your door a contrasting color than the base color of your home, keep the grass trim and green and plant colorful flowers.

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