30 Beautiful Half Bathroom and Powder Room Ideas We're Loving Now

Transform your half bathroom or powder room into an ultra-stylish space with these fresh ideas for 2020.

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July 20, 2020

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Photo By: Caitlin Murray

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Southwestern State of Mind

Doesn't this half bathroom look like something you'd see in a Pendleton catalog? Make guests feel like they've gone west with a powder room full of earthy elements. Use forest green paint to create an accent wall, then add natural texture via woven planters and rugs. Finish it off with a map of your favorite hiking location.

See more half bathroom ideas that will help you make a style statement even in a small space.

Midcentury Moment

Instantly give a stark white powder room some character and personality — without painting or wallpapering — by opting for a midcentury vanity. In this half bathroom, the solid wood piece is definitely the hero and balances out otherwise simple details, like the white walls and beige tile floor. Pair your vanity with brass fixtures for a true-to-the-past look or choose minimalist black hardware to make it feel more current.

Bonus Storage

If your half bathroom is seriously lacking in counter space, then you might just benefit from a built-in shelf. In this space, designer Sheila Mayden capped an awkward foundation curb wall with a thin slab of marble and created a stylish ledge for soap and other essentials. But if that won't work for you, you can always install a floating shelf or bring in a rolling cart.

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Painted Paneling

It's so much easier to paint wood paneling than it is to remove it. Pro Tip: Bring your circa-1970s bathroom into the 21st century with a fresh coat of black, white or gray paint. (Why, you ask? Because neutral hues have the most staying power.) The color will update your space without sacrificing the gorgeous, historical texture. You can also refresh the room by bringing in modern sconces, trendy cabinet pulls and fun wallpaper, like designer Caitlin Murray did here.

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Penny Tile Surprises

What's the point of having a half bathroom if you can't have a little fun with it? Slip a secret message into your penny tile floors for friends and family to discover later on. In this space, designer Caitlin Murray went with "Boo!" to match her clients' gothic sense of style, but you could just as easily sub in a classic "Wash Your Hands" or something cute like "No Diving."

Birds of a Feather Wallpaper

Guests will feel right at home primping and preening in a flamingo-clad powder room. Outfit your space with similiar, animal-themed wallpaper for maximum personality and a touch of whimsy. You can keep the wild print in check by offsetting it with a simple mirror and pedestal sink, like designer Michelle Gage did here.

Whimsical Entryway

Pique guests' interest before they even see your powder room by trading a standard hinged door for a sliding barn door. Generally speaking, a door with a darker finish and obvious wood grain will lend a rustic touch to the space, while a door with a lighter hue will look more contemporary. Draw even more attention to the door by pairing it with a unique light fixture or neon sign, like D2 Interieurs did above.

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Statement Floor

Statement floors are totally having a moment right now. Bring the look to your half bath by keeping the walls neutral and your vanity simple, so the tile will stand out. (You can also achieve this design with budget-friendly vinyl adhesives.) And if you're worried that the space will seem too plain? Follow designer Kimberlee Gorsline's lead and use a gold-trimmed mirror, towel rack and waste basket to add a little shimmer to the setting.

Driftwood Walls

Get a little closer to the beach with a half bathroom that looks like it was built from driftwood. Instead of white paint, designer Daniel Contelmo chose pale wood for this powder room to evoke thoughts of the sun-bleached material. A cream-colored trim and blue tile round out the coastal palette and help the space feel utterly soothing.

Antique Vanity

Now here's a powder room that's dressed to impress. For a small taste of Old Hollywood glamour, skip the sleek floating vanities and repurpose an antique. With its cherry wood finish and gold embellishments, this piece looks like a jewelry box in a star's dressing room. The Duet Design Group furthered this aesthetic with silk wall coverings and mirrored sconces.

Inky Black Half Bathroom

Tired of all-white bathrooms? Defy expectations and paint your space matte black, a punchy color no one will see coming. In this powder room by Stefani Stein, the inky hue makes everything stand out, from the high-gloss sink and toilet to the artwork. To warm up the design, choose brass fixtures over silver.

Floating Shelves

It doesn't take much for a half bathroom to feel cramped. Ensure that your small space stays as light and airy as possible by using floating shelves for storage. In this water closet by designer Bri Moysa, the barely-there shelves make use of otherwise wasted space and complement the tile without seeming too busy.

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From: Bri Moysa

Unique Sink

There's a lot to love about this half bath, but the farmhouse sink is what sets it apart. The honey-hued vanity helps lighten the dark green walls, while its matte black basin adds a cool, modern element. And because everything at eye-level is so neutral, you can customize the floor with pretty much any type of pattern.

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Touch of Terrazzo

Whimsical yet rooted in Italian tradition, terrazzo is the perfect choice for a fashion-forward bathroom. Consider adding it to the top of your vanity, where the playful tile can be the main event, and let it break up a neutral color scheme. In this space, designer Natalie Myers used a matte black mirror and fixtures to coordinate with the feature.

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Farmhouse Fix

Create a half bath that Chip and Joanna Gaines would love with shiplap walls, sage green paint, a distressed wood vanity and vintage botanical prints. A leaning storage ladder is key, too; it'll help you take advantage of the vertical space above the toilet while doubling down on the cozy aesthetic.

Mural Magic

Consider this permission to finally paint or draw on the walls. Treat your half bathroom like a blank canvas and use your medium of choice to create an indoor mural. In this space by Grace Blu Interior Design, huge white dots and a zipper of white and black continue the mosaic tile floors up to the ceiling, making the space appear taller.

Cool Pulls

Change the look of your powder room without spending a pretty penny — by updating your cabinet pulls. Designer Marie Flanigan, who's based in Houston, made this half bathroom a little more exciting by trading the vanity's old hardware for striking pulls reminiscent of Texas Longhorns. In turn, everything from the sconces down to the drawers becomes a feast for the eyes.

Character With a Fresh Coat

White paint is nice, but it can also make character-rich details like molding or exposed brick fade into the background. Our advice? Use a darker lacquer, like navy or forest green, to accentuate the finer features of your powder room. In this handsome half bathroom, designer Tim Barber kept a nice matte finish so the molding could come through even more.

Country Charm

PSA: If you have a farmhouse or a ranch, then you need a half bath that looks like this. Raw, reclaimed wood walls bring all the country charm to this little space, which designer Ashley Gilbreath then capitalized on with a cute mirror and vintage sink. Notice, too, how she used copper fixtures to dial up the warmth.

Graphic Partition

A pocket door can be a statement piece with a little creativity. Add a fun, graphic touch to your neutral half bath by stenciling or decaling the door. You can even let your home's location determine the design, like street signs for an urban loft or palm leaves for somewhere tropical. The art in the above image is made of upcycled steet signs.

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Plants for Peace

Put your humidity-loving plants to work in a half bathroom inspired by Justina Blakeney's signature Jungalow style. Because this look is about marrying fresh greenery with vintage, 1950s-era pieces, it's a great option for older bathrooms that have retro sinks or funky tile floors. The plants will make those details seem intentional and, of course, help boost your mood.

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Mix + Match Tile

When you can't decide between a patterned backsplash or a patterned floor, we say pick both. Designer Brooke Wagner is the master of mixing different prints and made these treatments work by keeping them in the same black and white color scheme. She mixed things up by changing their grout thickness and pointing them in opposite directions. The result is a neutral space with a ton of visual interest.

Wood Accent Wall

What better way to bring the outdoors into your half bath than with a wood-tiled accent wall? If you look closely, you'll notice that the Butter Lutz Interiors team hung a photograph of a bison on the opposite wall, which furthers the theme and helps tie it all together.

Classic Black-and-White Palette

This powder room by designer Lauren Clement is the only proof we need that black-and-white bathrooms are unbelievably chic. Simplify your own space by following suit and letting the two colors inform every aspect of your bathroom, from the wallpaper to the mirror and countertops.

Flash of Purple

When your wallpaper is this exciting, you really don't need much in your powder room. Let your walls do all the talking with a single, electrifying color like magenta or neon green. Then top it off with a simple hanging mirror and petite sink, like designer Caitlin Murray did to complete this corner.

Vintage Vibes

Striped wallpaper is the perfect foundation for a vintage-inspired powder room. Pull in oil paintings of horses and sketches of flowers, preferably in gilded frames, to help the space tell a story. Feel free to display other thrifted items, like teacups and classic books.

Moroccan-Style Lighting

Cast an understated bathroom in a flattering new light with just a beaded chandelier or a Moroccan-style pendant (the bolder, the better). In this sensible powder room by Laura Martin Bovard, the neutral wallpaper gets a lift from the lantern above and becomes even more eye-catching throughout the day.

Head-Turning Textiles

Give your half bath a dose of color and texture with trendy, shibori-style wallpaper. The vertical dot design is perfect for smaller spaces as it helps elongate the room and makes a great companion for warm wood mirrors and vanities. To keep things soft, copy designer Kristina Crestin and use woven baskets to stow linens and toilet paper.

Problem-Solving Sink

Half bathrooms come with all kinds of awkward corners and often have little to no room for a full-sized vanity. The solution? A floating sink. Because this space is so narrow, designer Anastasia Faiella oriented the sink sideways to lay flush with the wall and give the homeowners more room to get in and out.

Multi-Purpose Mirror Wall

Now here's a clever way to kill two birds with one stone. If your powder room is particularly cramped, use a mirrored accent wall to make it look twice as big. Then orient your pedestal sink against the glass, like Guimar Urbina Interiors did here, to reap the benefits of a mirror while still having room for a towel bar.