10 Household Items That Will Make 2018 a Lot Easier

New year, new you. Well, that’s what you’re telling yourself as you head to the gym, stop drinking coffee, quit the nail-biting or resolve to do all of the above. But one thing that’s truly best left behind is stress. These 10 household will take the worry and anxiety out of heading home and they might even make your resolutions a little easier to complete. New year, new you, new stuff and way less stress.

This Retro-Style Breakfast Station

By now, you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet you somehow always manage to burn the pancakes, undercook the bacon and spill your coffee all over anything and everything nearby. Leave the messes behind with a breakfast center that looks like yesteryear but feels like the future. BUY IT: Amazon, $37.99

This Genius Thermostat

If you had a nickel for every time your weather app and/or the local weatherman got it wrong, you wouldn’t need to leave your house... ever again. This thermostat will make you want to stay inside thanks to its Alexa-compatible technology that allows you to control the temperature down to every nook and cranny. BUY IT: Best Buy, $249

This Snazzy Little Steamer

Where’s the steamer? The iron? You knew you were forgetting something! Never again. This steamer can fit in your desk or car without looking totally out of place, no ironing board required. Wrinkles, meet your match. BUY IT: Bed Bath and Beyond, $19.99

This Well-Connected Smart Scale

Because you’re bringing your A-game to that New Year’s resolution. Watch your results and boost your dedication with this smart scale that connects to programs on your computer and your phone, providing you with helpful insight in to your progress. BUY IT: Fitbit, $129.95

This Portable Printer

Does anyone really want to buy ink? Eliminate it from your to-do list. This colorful, little printer simply attaches to your iPhone and prints whatever snaps you take and choose to save. Now you just need to go on more adventures. BUY IT: Urban Outfitters, $150

This Baker’s Miracle

Kill two dishes with one tool. Cooks needn’t worry about fitting different dishes in the oven, going way overboard on the portions, or forgetting to chop up the veggies with the help of this easy-to-use sous chef. BUY IT: Ebay, $20.39

This Futuristic Lawn Mower

Consider it the Batmobile of lawn mowers. Sit back, relax and enjoy the weather without grass stains, stubborn weeds or all of that meticulous mowing. This robot does the whole yard for you and gives you some extra time to catch some rays. BUY IT: Robomow, $699

This All-Knowing Plug

With about as much effort required to install as a Glade Plug-In, this smart plug connects to an app that allows you to control your home electronics from anywhere. Need music? Check. A little too hot? Turn down the temp. Want to make it look like someone’s home? All good. Best year ever? Check! BUY IT: TP-Link, $29.99

This No-Worries Planter

You probably have 600 things on your to-do list, which makes it almost too easy to forget watering the plants. This planter eliminates that common mistake with its automatic watering system and it looks cute while doing it. Your green thumb just needed a little help because turns out, it’s not easy being green. BUY IT: Modern Sprout, $139

This XXL Wine Glass

And when all of your resolutions come crumbling down or you need a reward for accomplishing so many things on your list, a bottle of wine is necessary. If you’re not looking to chug straight from the bottle, keep it modest and just pour it all into this huge glass. Saves time and storage space. BUY IT: World Market, $9.99

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