10 Easy Snowflake Crafts

When the weather outside is frightful and the lack of activities is absolutely horrifying, entertain the entire family with these fun winter crafts.

Perler Fuse Bead Coasters

Little hands can keep busy for hours (and work on their fine motor skills) helping whip up a batch of melty bead coasters. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for making and melting. Add a piece of felt to the bottom so you can put a mug of hot cocoa on top.

Snowflake Straws

Paper party straws are one of those impulse buys that always seem like a great idea at the time and then never get used. Be thankful for your stash of straws when you get out the hot-glue guns, gem stones and pompoms to make a batch of colorful straw snowflakes.

Lace Snowflakes

Doilies are easily made mobile by soaking them with fabric stiffener and then hanging from a piece of driftwood or cactus bone.

Noodle Cards

Bring back the macaroni crafts for adults and kids with these adorable snowflake cards. If you are really feeling like taking things next level, dye the pasta using rubbing alcohol and food coloring.

Snow Angels

Doilies and wood-peg dolls come together to create these adorable winter fairies. 

Mapped Out Fun

Vintage maps, colored paper and craft foam can entertain for hours. Fold, cut, layer and bend into snowflake patterns fastening the pieces together with hot glue. Remember, no two are ever alike.

Stitched Snowflakes

Basic patterns like snowflakes are great stitching projects for kids and adults alike. Hand over the needle, embroidery floss and some felt and curl up by the fire. String them together to create bunting to hang by the fireplace or over a window. 

Popsicle Sticks

Things might be frozen outside, but inside you will stay warm and cozy creating popsicle stick snowflakes.

Glue Gun Watercolor

Make snowflakes on canvas or watercolor paper using a myriad of resists such as white crayons or in this case hot glue. After your pattern is set, use watercolor paint to create a tie-dye effect to reveal the hidden beauty.

Dough Snow

Chances are you have the ingredients to make salt dough ornaments in your pantry right now. Bring back this childhood craft and give it a modern twist with the help of lace, cookie cutters and craft paint.

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