60 DIY Mother's Day Gifts Mom Will Love

Find creative, easy-to-make Mother's Day gifts as unique as your own (very special) mom.

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Photo By: Sarah Busby

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Make Her Day With a DIY Gift

Nothing says thoughtful giving like a homemade gift, especially on Mother’s Day. Anyone can buy a card and a fresh bouquet, but why not get a little crafty with these DIY Mother’s Day gifts made just for her.

Whether she's into gardening and flowers or punny planters and funky necklaces, we’ve got the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea for any DIY skill level — from kid-friendly to last-minute.

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Mailable Mother's Day Gifts

Whether you live far away or can't meet in person, these mailable Mother's Day gifts are sure to bring a smile. Make a gift box for the garden, kitchen or at-home spa.

Watch the Video: 3 Mailable Gifts for Mom

Special "Mom" Banner

Moms everywhere will love being presented with this handmade paper banner. Little ones' handwritten messages on the back will make this a keepsake to cherish.

Get the How-To: Kids' Craft: Make a "Mom" Banner for Mother's Day

Punny Indoor Garden

Stamp puns on small terra-cotta pots and fill with Mom's favorite plants this Mother's Day.

Get the How-To: Punny Stamped Terra Cotta Pots for Mother's Day

DIY Happy Box

Create the ultimate, customized gift for Mother's Day with a DIY happy box. Fill a decorative box with some of Mom's favorite goodies, like lip balm, nail polish, sweets and a special card.

Get the How-To: DIY Happy Box

Tea Towel Recipe Card

Whether there’s an old family recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation, or you have a concoction that you’re convinced will be your legacy, create an heirloom piece that will last for years to come by transferring a handwritten recipe onto a decorative kitchen towel.

Get the How-To: Handmade Heirlooms: Two Gift Ideas To Showcase Your Family's Favorite Recipes

Frame a Favorite Family Recipe

Preserve a treasured family recipe card (and Grandmother's handwriting) from future decades of kitchen mishaps by framing it. It only takes a few easy steps to turn that go-to family recipe into treasured kitchen decor.

Get the How-To: How to Frame a Favorite Family Recipe

Embroidery Hoop Picture Frames

Make Mom a set of adorable hoop picture frames in a jiffy. You only need a handful of supplies.

Get the How-To: 6 Easy DIY Gifts

Framed Child's Silhouette

A framed silhouette is a classic keepsake that Mom will cherish for years to come. A digital camera, computer and printer make this centuries-old craft a snap.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Framed Child's Silhouette

Hand-Painted Wooden Bracelets

These stylish bracelets are so easy to create and will make any Mom smile. From fingerprints to polka dots and stripes, the kids can get creative making these especially for her!

Get the How-To: Mother's Day Kids' Craft: Hand-Painted Wooden Bracelets

Strong Women Cross-Stitch

For all the strong mamas on Mother's Day, cross-stitch a sign that'll surely make her feel empowered. Get the free pattern, designed by Stephanie Rohr, and instructions here.

Get the How-To: 18 Delightful, Funny + Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Kids' Garden Steppingstone

Shiny, sparkly finds instantly become artwork for Mom when turned into a found object steppingstone.

Get the How-To: Kid's Garden Steppingstone

Block-Printed Napkins

Serve Mom breakfast in bed and surprise her with these custom-stamped napkins. Turn basic household items into simple stamps, then create your own custom-stamped artwork.

Get the How-To: How to Block-Print Napkins With Simple DIY Stamps

Kitchen Shadow Box

Mom's perfect pie now has the trophy it deserves. Put her picture, the recipe and prized kitchen tools inside a shadow box frame.

Get the How-To: Handmade Heirlooms: Two Gift Ideas To Showcase Your Family's Favorite Recipes

DIY Cane Serving Tray

This DIY serving tray is the perfect way to add a touch of trend to Mom's entertaining style.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Stylish, Cane-Back Serving Tray

Kids' Artwork Candleholder

Personalize simple glass hurricanes with kids' artwork as a sweet handmade gift for Mother's Day. This easy project can be made by children of all ages.

Get the How-To: Kids' Craft: Artwork Candleholder for Mother's Day

Fingerprint-Embellished Frames

The kids will have a great time making these one-of-a-kind keepsake frames that Mom will love, especially when a favorite photo is included.

Get the How-To: Mother's Day Kids' Craft: Fingerprint Frames

Sunburst-Style Dogwood Wreath

If Mom loves outdoor decor, brighten up her front door with this easy-to-craft wreath that's abloom with dogwood branches.

Get the How-To: Craft a Sunburst-Style Dogwood Wreath for Spring

Easy-Sew Lined Tote Bag

A straightforward sewing project for tweens, teens or anyone new to sewing, this lined fabric tote bag is perfect for moms on the go.

Get the How-To: Make an Easy-to-Sew Lined Tote Bag

Concrete Vintage Camper Planter

Create this charming vintage-inspired camper planter for Mother's Day with quick-setting concrete and a few embellishments.

Get the How-To: DIY Concrete Vintage Camper Planter

Tiny Mason Jar Terrarium

For moms with limited outdoor space or a limited green thumb, this office — or windowsill — terrarium is the perfect way to create a little low-maintenance green.

Get the How-To: How to Create a Terrarium

Pressed-Flower Coasters

Skip the bouquet this Mother's Day — give your mom a set of pressed-flower coasters instead. Dry or buy the flowers of your choice, then set them between cut glass with a little glue.

Get the How-To: Make Pressed-Flower Coasters

Dripping Paint Planters

If Mom is always remodeling, brush off those empty paint cans and transform them into colorful, upcycled planters she'll love.

Get the How-To: Make Dripping Paint Can Planters

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Card Ideas

Need a cute card in a hurry? Make Mom an adorable, handmade card with materials you already have.

Get the How-To: 5 Cute + Easy Mother's Day Card Ideas

Printable Mother's Day Cards

Show her your care with one of these easy-to-make printable cards, then add ribbon embellishments to make it special. The inside is blank and ready for your heartfelt note.

Get the How-To: Printable Flower Garden Mother's Day Card

Watercolor Flower Painting

Paint a colorful, floral picture for your mom with bright watercolors, or — better yet — paint a picture together on her special day. Learn how to paint perfect watercolor flowers for a framed portrait or card.

Get the How-To: Painting Watercolor Flowers

Colorful Dipped Utensils

Give Mom something practical, beautiful and handmade this Mother's Day by dressing up wooden utensils with a splash of her favorite hue. Trendy dip-dye looks even fresher when you paint each one with gradually lighter paint, creating an ombre effect.

Get the How-To: DIY Paint-Dipped Wooden Utensils

Chalkboard Kitchen Canisters

Glass canisters are practical, inexpensive and readily available, but can be a bit boring. Chalkboard paint and an easy-to-apply stenciled detail transform them into gift-worthy kitchen accessories.

Get the How-To: Chalkboard Kitchen Canisters

Easy Wine Trivet

If your mom loves wine, make a trivet with collected corks from some of her favorites places, moments and wines.

Get the How-To: #WineWednesday: How to Make a Wine Cork Trivet

Fingerprint-Decorated Table Runner

This darling, colorful table runner is so easy to create. Kids can personalize a plain white table runner with colorful fingerprints.

Get the How-To: Mother's Day Kids' Craft: Fingerprint Table Runner

"Mom" Centerpiece for Mother's Day

Create a special centerpiece as a tribute to Mom this Mother's Day. The kids will love getting involved in this simple, family-friendly project.

Get the How-To: Kids' Craft: "Mom" Centerpiece for Mother's Day

Chalkboard Flower Pots

Inexpensive terra-cotta pots get a playful makeover with chalkboard paint; fill with Mom's favorite blooming bulbs for a cheery pop of color.

Get the How-To: How to Make Spring Chalkboard Pots

Felt Flowers

Make Mom a beautiful bouquet of felt flowers in her favorite colors. They make stunning arrangements, wreaths and decorations — and will last all season long!

Get the How-To: Felt Flowers How-To

Mother’s Day Fizzy Bath Bombs

Treat your mom to a relaxing soak in the tub with these fizzy bath bombs.

Get the How-To: Mother's Day Fizzy Bath Bombs

Bird's Nest Necklaces

This Mother's Day, give your mom a beautiful bird's nest necklace with an "egg" for each of her children. These necklaces are simple to make and completely customizable so you can be sure you're giving Mom a gift she will love.

Get the How-To: Bird's Nest Necklaces

DIY Clay Terrazzo Earrings

Make your mom a pair of stylish, '70s-inspired earrings with polymer clay that bring back the terrazzo tile trend.

Get the How-To: 3 Clay Terrazzo Crafts

Painted Glass Vases

Dress the table with these easy-to-make confetti-dotted vases. All you need is a small glass vase, opaque glass paint and a toothpick to create your design.

Get the How-To: How to Paint Confetti-Dotted Glass Vases

DIY Herringbone Tray and Box

With a little paint and simple balsa wood tiles, you can make a beautiful, customizable tray or box to give Mom for Mother's Day.

Get the How-To: DIY Herringbone Box and Tray

Kid's Art Tea Towel

Turn a treasured piece of art into a keepsake with this easy printer paper transfer project.

Get the How-To: Mother's Day Gift Idea: DIY Kid's Art Tea Towels

DIY Geo Suncatcher

Up your crafting game and make a faux stained glass suncatcher for Mother's Day. Bonus: Every time the sun shines through this cool, DIY suncatcher she'll be reminded of you!

Get the How-To: How to Make a Colorful Geo Suncatcher

Colorful Wind Chimes

Transform tiny terra-cotta pots into cheery music for mom's garden. These chimes are constructed entirely by knotting and gluing — no drilling required!

Get the How-To: Create Colorful Wind Chimes

Macrame Plant Hanger

By using basic supplies from the hardware store, you can make this easy macrame hanger to display Mom's favorite houseplant. This project can be adjusted to fit any planter, and since the rope is polyester, you can also hang this project outdoors.

Get the How-To: How to Make an Easy Macrame Plant Hanger

Painted Market Basket

Send Mom to the farmers' market in style this season with a vibrant basket painted with a trendy pattern. This craft would look equally at home storing blankets, pillows and magazines beside the sofa.

Get the How-To: Dress Up a Plain Basket With Paint

Victorian-Inspired Jewelry Box

This DIY jewelry box was inspired by Victorian garden grottos. Plastic insects and seashells affixed to a paper suitcase and spray painted gold are a fun nod to the Victorian obsession with collecting and displaying natural specimens. Mom will love the metallic hue and the storage space for her own collection.

DIY Hanging Cookie Tin Planters

Houseplants have never been more in style. Give your mom a living wall art display with this simple planter project made from upcycled cookie tins.

Get the How-To: DIY Hanging Cookie Tin Planters

Doily Dream Catcher

Present Mom with a handmade dream catcher fashioned from an old doily.

Get the How-To: Doily Dream Catcher

Paper Teacup Gift Box

These adorable, handmade gift boxes are perfect for Mother’s Day or favors at a tea party. Download the free pattern and customize them to your heart's content.

Get the How-To: Make Paper Teacup Gift Boxes With This Free Pattern

Create a Mother's Day Tea Garden

Put a twist on tea in the garden by planting up vintage teacups.

Get the How-To: Create a Mother's Day Tea Garden

DIY Clay Terrazzo Ring Dish

Craft up a colorful ring dish for your mom using polymer clay and a handful of materials.

Get the How-To: 3 Clay Terrazzo Crafts

Easy-to-Craft Handmade Jewelry Box

Turn inexpensive fence-post caps from the home improvement store into a pretty jewelry or gift box. By itself, the box makes a sweet Mother's Day gift; fill it with sweet treats or a small trinket for a handmade gift she won't soon forget.

Get the How-To: Easy-to-Craft Handmade Jewelry Box

Low-Sew Felt Bowls

Scared of the sewing machine? That's okay! You can still make these adorable hand-sewn felt bowls with just a couple stitches. They're perfect for organizing Mom's craft supplies or sweetly packaging up one of her gifts.

Get the How-To: Make an Easy DIY Felt Bowl

DIY Tassel Necklace

Give your mom a handmade tassel necklace to compliment her summer outfit. Embellish it with bells, beads and shells.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Bohemian Tassel Necklace

Wine Crate Jewelry Organizer

Don't trash those empty crates of vino: Give them a brand-new purpose by turning them into jewelry display boxes that will showcase Mom's stunning collection and keep it organized, too.

Get the How-To: Wine Crate Jewelry Display Boxes

Pom-Pom Banner and Decorative Letters

Colorful pom-poms and 3D cardboard letters combine to form a festive party banner or fun bookshelf decor mom will cherish for years to come. Spell out "Mom," "Love" or another fitting phrase to make it extra special.

Get the How-To: Pom-Pom Banner and Letters

Faux Floral Monogram Letter

Make Mom a special faux floral monogram letter by attaching flowers to a chipboard or paper mache letter. Add a hanger to make it a wreath.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Monogram Faux Floral Wreath

Easy-Sew Outdoor Pillow

Stitching up an outdoor pillow to brighten up a porch or deck is a great project for a sewing novice. Select materials that are made to withstand bright sun and moisture to keep Mom's custom pillows looking great year after year.

Get the How-To: How to Sew a Simple Outdoor Pillow

DIY Cupcake Bouquet in a Terra-Cotta Pot

Have a sweet tooth? Whip up this gorgeous arrangement of cupcakes in a terra-cotta pot for Mother’s Day.

Get the How-To: 3 DIY Edible Bouquets to Give This Valentine's Day

Easy Paper Flowers

Skip buying a real bouquet for Mom and opt for handmade. Pick up some party streamers and make these gorgeous flowers that will stay fresh for months.

Get the How-To: Three Ways to Make Easy Paper Flowers

Vintage Book Planter

Does your mom love reading? Turn a book into an unexpected planter by cutting open the inside of an old book and adding a small succulent.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Vintage Book Planter

Bohemian-Inspired Vases and Jars

With a few simple drawing techniques, make these bohemian-inspired jars for your Mother's Day bouquet.

Get the How-To: Dress Up Glass Jars With Hand-Drawn Designs

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