20 DIY Gifts Your Grad Will Love

Searching for the perfect gift for your favorite graduate? Look no further. Browse through these clever do-it-yourself projects that high school and college graduates alike will love and appreciate.

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Smash a Bottle for Cash

Celebrate one of life’s greatest achievements with a smash! Clean out a clear wine bottle, remove the label, and fill the bottle with rolled up bills. Super glue the cork to the top and print out a new label to adhere to the bottle. Allow the grad to have some fun and smash the bottle safely to obtain their gift.

Make Simple, Elegant Wall Decor

Learn how to make this minimalist wall hanging for the stylish grad to display in their new dorm or apartment. Select photos of their closest friends, family and/or favorite pet for a personalized touch they will cherish forever.

Customize a Coffee Mug

Use a hand-lettered cut file to create an inspirational coffee mug for the adventurous grad. The options are endless. Vinyl works great on tote bags, too.

Bake Homemade Cookies

Does your grad have a major sweet tooth? Satisfy that craving by baking their favorite cookies. If you lack the baker’s touch, opt for prepackaged cookies and an adorable themed label for whichever option you choose.

Assemble a Candy Bouquet

If you're looking for another way to please the sugar lovers, this candy arrangement is a great gift that can be easily customized with the grad’s favorite candy. Choose embellishments that match their school colors and personality.

Create World Map Magnets

Use old, unused maps to make these cute and easy map magnets for the grad who longs to travel the world. Let them remember where they came from by including a magnet with their hometown or state.

Make a Homemade Spa Kit

Finals are stressful. Treat the grad to a spa day with a homemade spa kit, which includes a peppermint scrub, peppermint whipped body butter and a peppermint foot soak. Try substituting lavender or another essential oil scent that helps soothe and relax the weary soul.

Represent Their School Colors With a Mason Jar

Turn a plain Mason jar into a drinkable glass to sip on sweet tea or another preferred beverage. Add a monogram and include the grad’s school colors for the straw and lid. Wrap the jar in school colors with tissue paper and ribbon for an additional festive touch.

Personalize Soda Bottles

Remove soda bottle labels and replace them with personalized labels to congratulate the grad. Choose their favorite soda or sparkling juice and decorate a bottle carrier to match the color theme. Top the bottles with a mini graduation cap and tassel as a finishing detail.

Put Together a Gift Basket

Make a gift basket the grad will actually use. Grab a colander and fill with kitchen basics such as pasta, a cutting board, a coffee mug, measuring spoons and dish towels. Include stationary or a notebook to jot down recipes.

Decorate a Wooden Craft Box

Paint a wooden craft box and attach a tassel to the lid using a tie tack post and cotton embroidery floss to resemble a graduation cap. The box can be filled with money, a gift card or another gift of your choosing. 

Fill a Mason Jar With Dollar Diplomas

Looking for a gift that’s easy and cost efficient? We’ve got you covered. Take a plain Mason jar, roll up dollar bills, tie with ribbon to resemble diplomas, put inside the jar, and adorn with a paper graduation cap. Chances are, you have these basic craft materials on hand already.

Get Crafty With a Handmade Card

A cute and clever way to celebrate the graduate, this punny card is a great idea for the last minute gift givers. Attach a gift card or money to the back and seal inside an envelope.

Use a Light Bulb to Hold Cash

Impress everyone with a creative, more unique way to give the gift of money. Add crinkle paper shred in a color of your choice and roll up cash to fit inside an empty, crafting light bulb. Complete the craft with a gift tag with a fun message to the graduate.

Fill a Box With Memories

Is your best friend graduating? Consider painting a wooden box and filling it with a few of your favorite shared mementos. It’s easy to forget those little moments, but a collection of photos, ticket stubs and other memorabilia will help them remember the fun times for years to come.

Paint Wooden Blocks to Form Message

Everyone loves a good puzzle. Buy small wooden blocks, paint each side a different color and write your custom, congratulatory message in permanent marker. Place the blocks in a decorated glass jar and let the grad decode the message.

Design an Owl Mason Jar

Just like your grad, owls have a reputation for being wise. Honor the grad with this witty owl Mason jar made out of a basic materials: paper, string, paint, bottle caps, felt and googly eyes. Fill the jar with cash, a gift card or another thoughtful gift.

Repurpose a Pineapple Can

Find a fruit can with a pop top lid for this fun, surprise-in-a-can gift. After thoroughly washing the can, adhere the printable label. Fill with paper shreds and your chosen gift and seal it tight with super glue. Don’t forget to add a note of congratulations.

Create a Layered Tassel Necklace and Cuff

Put your jewelry making skills to use with this matching tassel necklace and cuff. The subtle nod to the big day will translate perfectly for everyday wear!

Turn a Wood Slice Into Artwork

For anyone with an artistic flair, this cute and inspirational display would be the perfect accessory for the grad’s new dorm or apartment.

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