How to create the Ultimate Homework Station at Home

As school starts, homework assignments increase and can quickly get overwhelming and disorganized. Create a spot in your home that's solely dedicated to homework with a command center that's full of DIY inspiration.

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

8 Homework Station Essentials

A homework command center is essential for kids and teens trying to stay organized and making sure everything is done on time. Discover top ways to keep kids on track through styling, color and organizing tips, because the environment where you work has a huge impact on how efficient you are.

Keep It Simple

A clean, white desk, white wall and Lucite chair provide the best backdrop for creating an inviting homework station. Keep the desk relatively clear of clutter. The wall should hold a few key pieces: a filing system, a calendar and a cork board. If your child regularly uses technology to get their homework done, be sure there's enough space for the electronics and that it's close to a power supply.

Lazy Susan = Cool Supply Storage

My top tip for maximizing desk space is to use a lazy Susan. Yep, those spinning circles that are normally in your spice cabinet are perfect for homework supplies. Use modern containers for pencils, pens and markers in the center of the tray, then store tape, glue and a pencil sharpener on the outside. With a simple spin, anything is easily accessible.

Use a Filing System

Keep subjects organized in a white hanging file holder. Use the same color pen as the folder for each subject. Color-coding the subjects makes it really easy to grab folders and notebooks to start working on assignments.

Set Up a Calendar

A wipe-off calendar is crucial for communication between parent and child. At the beginning of the month, sit down together and fill in the calendar with all the assignments and tests that are coming up that month. Keep up the color-coding system here by using the same color marker as each subject’s folder.

Create an Encouragement Board

Encouragement is what will continue to push your child through those long hours of worksheets. When they're tired and frustrated, they can look up at the inspiration board and read loving notes from you. As good grades come in, pin those up on the board, too. It will become a constant reminder that hard work pays off.

Decor That's Functional

A clean desk makes for more efficient work. Keep the tchotchkes to a minimum, and use items that can serve double-duty. Instead of a traditional bookend, use a clock, for example. This keeps notebooks in order and helps keep your child on time.

Contain the Clutter

A catch-all bin is my secret organizational weapon. A simple, square tray that can hold all of those doo-dads that normally clutter a desk top are wrangled into one spot.

Keep It Comfy

Remember to also make it comfortable! Homework already feels like torture to most kids, so a cozy pillow and a comfortable chair will make the hours go by much faster.

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