10 Ideas for a Smarter Homework Station

Having the proper homework hub means you can dial in focus and diminish unnecessary interruptions. Put together these ideas in a dedicated homework station and watch your home — and your kid — get a little smarter.

Seize the Day

Make a large calendar the focal point of your homework area to create a simple and stress-free work environment. There's no better way to ensure homework gets turned in on time than a big square screaming, "Due!" Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

Shed Some Light

Nothing turns on the learning better than a bright light. This energy-efficient lamp also provides a little charge when you need it. Enjoy soothing music through the speakers and a docking station for your smartphone. Photo courtesy of Sara & Bendrix

Consider It Stored

Tuck supplies inside a desk after homework is complete to declutter the space. When it's time to sit for the next batch of assignments, simply slide the desk and your little Einstein can start picking his brain. Photo courtesy of BlueLounge

Divide and Conquer

Create a homework space with a chalkboard divider to section it off from the rest of the room. This double-duty board blocks out noise and distractions and offers up an inviting place to problem-solve. Get the full step-by-step instructions here>>


Plug a mini surge protector into a nearby outlet to make more room for powering up. This one has two USB ports, so you can charge your tablets and smartphones while still having room for a pencil sharpener and a task lamp.

Scan and Save

Going paperless is a big plus when it comes to tidying up. Use a lightweight, portable scanner to turn handwritten notes and text book clips into convenient and organized digital files. Photo courtesy of Doxie

Get Hung Up on Art

Hang inspirational mounted prints near a homework station, and your young scholar is sure to get a heavy dose of math motivation. Photo courtesy of Help Ink

Sit On It

It's time to rethink your seating at your homework station. It should be ergonomic and comfortable, or doing your work will be that much more of a chore. Make sure your lower back feels supported and the height is adjustable to accommodate floating feet. Design by Vanessa De Vargas

Nix Cable Clutter

Keep legs from getting tangled in a mess by corralling cords. A modern hub like this one keeps work areas appearing neat and looking cool — especially handy if homework happens in a common area. Photo courtesy of BlueLounge

Sync Your Supplies

Paint mason jars and cups a single color and attach stylish embellishments. Store pencils, paper clips and protractors in each one, then place together on a single tray for solidarity. Get the full step-by-step instructions here>>

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