Halloween Decor That Proves Cute is Better Than Scary

You wake up in the middle of the night. Lightning cracks. A wolf howls in the distance. It’s dark. Too dark. You suddenly remember the nightmare that left you screaming, paralyzed and wide awake with fear. "Where did I put my Halloween decorations?" you ask yourself, head in hands. You know what they say: a house is not a home and a home is not a haunted house. This Halloween, celebrate the holiday spirit with timeless decor that won’t make you too scared to sleep.

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September 11, 2017
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Photo By: Kelly Wilkniss

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Warm Welcome

Yes, you could up the drama and/or scare away any unwanted visitors with the help of a gory entryway, but if you’re not one for fake blood, sound effects or a Stephen King-like movie set, it’s better to go with some festive pumpkins and homey wreaths.

Best of Luck

Black cats don’t always mean bad luck. Embrace the most notorious of furry friends by making them the cutest part of your DIY decorating projects. Bonus: This pumpkin-stein comes without the commitment of adding another pet to the family.


What creepy crawly creature is haunting your abode? You. Specifically you snapping a new Insta pic (or five) of your adorable fall accent pieces. These ghosts are almost as friendly as Casper, and they make a perfect addition to any color scheme.

Going Batty

It a guarantee that these bats are the only ones you’ll ever be excited to see in your house. The paper cut-outs also make sense in a multitude of rooms and fashions, unlike their IRL counterparts.

Come Together

Halloween season provides party animals everywhere with plenty of reasons to entertain. These chic and neutral decorations will encourage even the most easily-spooked of guests to sit down, have a drink and let loose — costume required, of course.

Sleepy Hollow's Own

For the history buffs and literature lovers looking to make a nod to Ichabod and his hometown, look no further than pumpkin art. Beware: one slip-up of this script and your nightmare will become an eternal spelling error. Yikes.

Taking Flight

Can’t sleep after the latest episode of American Horror Story? Cozy up to an unexpected friend with this fluffy pillow decorated with bats that seem surprisingly friendly. Fall weather begs for comfy cushions, flannels and layers of blankets, so this is a very necessary accessory.

Keeping Company

This might not be for you if you're looking to "liven" up the place, but an art aficionado will surely appreciate the Hitchcockian influences in this vintage film-inspired gallery wall. It's a little eerie but still a decidedly cool addition.

Simple Statement

Minimalists don’t flourish with the loud clutter of autumnal decorating, but including a simple statement wall or just a small burst of pattern play can spice up plain spaces without scaring away the fear-averse minds.

Snack Attack

So you’re probably not thrilled to walk up to a skeleton, but if there’s one thing that can cure a multitude of ills, it’s Halloween candy. Give greedy guests a feast with the help of a cute candy station.

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