Master Bathroom Pictures From HGTV Smart Home 2019

An enticing freestanding tub, smart shower system, coffee center and hidden TV are just some of the features of this super-deluxe master bathroom made for rejuvenation and relaxation.

By: Jeannie Matteucci

Relaxing Oasis

The well-detailed master bathroom -- with dramatic black walls, a U-shaped gray double vanity, freestanding white tub and walk-in shower with smart shower system -- offers the latest smart technology mixed with the best of modern style to create a relaxing oasis away from the main living areas of the home.

Double Duty

What looks like a handy coffee station also doubles as the home of the master bathroom’s hidden TV with a low-profile lift for catching up on the latest morning news or your favorite HGTV show.

Expanded Storage Space

In addition to the cabinets and drawers in the U-shaped double vanity, the master bathroom also offers vertical storage above the vanity with a tall column upper cabinet for easy access to items like extra rolls of toilet tissue and personal care products.

Coffee Time

The coffee center includes a space-saving single-serve coffeemaker, so you can brew a delicious and fresh cup of coffee while getting ready in the morning. A round wood tray with a selection of coffee pods offers the chance to choose your favorite flavor from leading coffee brands.

Out of Sight

The master bathroom’s hidden TV can be lifted and lowered by remote or voice-activated controls, so it stays out of the way when not in use. The compact TV lift offers quiet operation and industry-leading reliability.

Color Contrast

The master bathroom’s durable 7-inch white oak hardwood flooring offers light contrast for the room’s darker cabinets and walls.

Makes Grooming Easier

Lighted wall mirrors above the vanity sinks with internal LED light guides offers optimally bright, even bathroom lighting, with pivoting side panels that allow you to direct the light where you need it.

Strength and Beauty

The master bathroom’s two trough vessel sinks with an asymmetrical oval basin are made from natural stone and etched with Japanese kimono-inspired textural patterns highlighted by a subtle champagne-gold metallic finish. The stylish sinks are paired with tall, vintage artisan-inspired top-mount handle faucets with a vibrant brushed-nickel finish and temperature memory that allows the faucet to be turned on and off at any temperature setting.

Above-Mirror Lighting

This streamlined above-mirror vanity light triples the design of the single wall sconces also used in the master bathroom. The lights are mounted on an attractive vintage silver backplate with frosted glass shades that create a soft, welcoming light.

User-Friendly Layout

A small hallway connects the front of the master bathroom's U-shaped vanity and large freestanding tub to the water closet, state-of-the-art shower with smart shower system and walk-in master closet.

Soak Stress Away

Placed under a large window that allows natural light inside with patterned Roman shades and a one-light wall sconce on each side, the white freestanding tub with center drain includes an ergonomic design and heated surface with three heat settings for soothing warmth on your back, neck and shoulders. “The freestanding tub gives the bathroom a bit more elegance than a built-in tub,” says project manager Scott Branscom.

Hanging Storage

A towel rack placed above the tub keeps clean towels close at hand. The master bathroom also includes well-placed double robe hooks in vibrant brushed nickel that keep a cozy robe close by when exiting the shower or tub.

Stylish Spout

The relaxing white tub includes a deck-mount bath spout with a flare design, made from durable brass with a vibrant brushed-nickel finish. The bath spout is combined with two cross-lever handles in the same finish that offer separate control of hot and cold water.

Key Features

This look inside the master bathroom with the double vanity on the left and the large white freestanding tub on the right shows the clear tempered-glass door to the walk-in shower with a state-of-the-art smart showering system.

Come Inside

The walk-in shower’s clear tempered-glass pivot door with anodized brushed-nickel frame has a clean look with a semi-frameless design and solid 12-inch handles inside and out.

Extra Details

A shell-white drum table with a vertical fluted design by the freestanding tub offers a spot to add a touch of greenery to this relaxing space. A woven basket with clean, rolled towels also sits by the tub.

Warm Cloud of Steam

The clear tempered-glass shower door to the spacious walk-in shower includes a steam-enclosing sliding transom on top that helps ensure a true spa-like steam experience at home.

Personalized Shower

The innovative smart shower system includes adjustable temperature settings, pressure controls, steam and sound for the ultimate personalized showering experience.

Top-Notch Tile

The shower walls and ceiling are covered in Aliante Black porcelain tile, while the shower floor includes Florina Genova Grafite porcelain tile for contrast. “Everything in the shower is tiled because of the amount of moisture and steam that the system puts out,” says project manager Scott Branscom.

Extra Privacy

The master bathroom’s water closet offers privacy and includes a top-of-the-line intelligent toilet with lots of advanced features with framed abstract art that decorates the wall above. A pitched sun tunnel with solar nightlight brings natural light inside the water closet.

Advanced Features

The smart one-piece elongated dual-flush intelligent toilet with premium remote combines modern design with the latest in technology. This compact, streamlined one-piece toilet with integrated cleansing includes adjustable heated seat and foot warmer, built-in speakers and more.

Well-Organized Closet

At the end of this small hallway inside the master bathroom sits the walk-in master closet with organized open and closed storage and hanging rods for keeping clothes clean and ready.

Capture Natural Light

A pitched sun tunnel with solar nightlight brings natural light inside the master closet. The sun tunnel is optically engineered to capture light through a high-impact dome on the roof. The light is then sent through a highly reflective tunnel that transmits a pure natural light with no color shift.

Lots of Options

A combination of open shelves, drawers, pullout baskets and hanging rods helps create designated storage for everything from handbags and extra pillows to clothes and shoes, so items are easy to locate on busy mornings.

Speedy Dry Cleaning

Built into a pullout cabinet in the master closet, this at home dry-cleaning unit gives homeowners the chance to refresh clothes in just 10 minutes.

Use Higher Spaces

The master closet includes two automated wardrobe lift products that help utilize every inch of storage space available. These motor-powered closet rods automatically raise and lower with a push of a button to increase hanging storage space.

Fight Stains

Remove grease, food, soil and more from your clothes with the laundry stain remover and other top laundry products that are included with HGTV Smart Home 2019.

Safe Storage

A combination of upper and lower rods provide space for hanging shirts, pants and other clothing items. The master closet also includes a full-length concealment mirror that hides valuables to keep them safe and out of sight.

Have a Seat

A small oval stool in the master closet offers a spot to try on shoes or take an extended look in the drawers to find just the right piece of jewelry or ideas on outfits for the next week.

Bells and Whistles

With all kinds of smart updates, the inviting master bathroom reflects the HGTV Smart Home’s overall design philosophy that mixes style with the all the conveniences of today’s technology.