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15 Famous (Fictional) Tiny Houses

Tiny-house living appeals to modern ultraminimalists, but it’s hardly new (or limited to reality-TV types). Storybook characters, Hollywood icons and even diminutive brand mascots have all gotten cozy in close quarters. Read on for a few of our favorites.

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Photo: Children's Television Workshop

Oscar’s Trash Can (Sesame Street)

The Grouch’s seemingly small can would make Mary Poppins proud: Over the years, he’s made space for an Olympic swimming pool, an ice-skating rink, a pastry kitchen, a bowling alley and an art gallery. Too much for one green bachelor? Ah, but he shares his digs with pets such as elephants, a goat, a horse, a dolphin and a worm.

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Photo: Hulton Archive

Jeannie’s Bottle (I Dream of Jeannie)

The relationship between Captain Tony the astronaut and Jeannie the 2,000-year-old genie never quite makes sense: If she’s free, why does she call him “Master”? If they get along so well, why does she continue to spend so much time in her former prison? Well, the ‘60s were a strange time—and Jeannie had some awfully good throw pillows in that bottle.

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Carl’s House (Up)

Reason 6,412 for keeping things tiny: If your house is small enough, you can tie thousands of balloons to the chimney and fly off to South America without packing a suitcase. Try that in a McMansion.

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Photo: Bloomberg

The Hollow Tree (Keebler)

As Kellogg’s explains on its "All About the Elves" page (and as anyone who watched Saturday morning television in the '80s knows), "the [Keebler] Elves bake their cookies the old-fashioned elfin way, in magic ovens in the Hollow Tree® (aka the Fac-Tree).” The elves are “ageless,” but are they immortal? One hopes the Hollow Tree holds itself to rigorous fire-safety standards.

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