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19 Obsessions Tiny House Dwellers Have

April 10, 2016

Packing up and moving into a micro-home means hanging on to the features (and stuff) you love best and kissing the rest goodbye. So, which perks and possessions do less-is-more house hunters cherish most? Read on to learn what makes a huge difference in close quarters.

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Eye-Popping Paint

For every itty-bitty-house enthusiast who wants their home to blend into the landscape, it seems there are another three who want their digs to be DayGlo bright — and why not? Electric yellow might get old fast on a full-size dwelling, but in small doses it’s pretty adorable.

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Itsty-Bitsy Appliances

Portable dishwashers that are only a foot and a half tall, two-burner electric cooktops, mini-fridges tucked beneath the stairs: Almost every gigantic chef’s-kitchen contraption has a (very) little sibling perfect for meal prep in close quarters.

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The Perfect Spot

Since tiny homes themselves are comparatively inexpensive to construct, going tiny means the freedom to think outside the housing development —and the ability to settle down almost anywhere. Want to live on acres of farmland? Go for it. Fancy a woodsy spot upstate? If you can find a clearing that's up for grabs, you can put down roots there...

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...or park for a bit and tow yourself somewhere else when it’s time to move on. It’s no accident that many tiny house lovers go starry-eyed over classic trailers; a home on wheels is a must-have for the modern nomad.

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