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10 Extremely Tiny Homes

From containers to cabins, see how adventuresome homeowners live comfortably in 200-square-feet or less.

Think Small, Very Small
HGTV's Small Spaces Guide
HGTV's Small Spaces Guide

HGTV's Smart Small Spaces

Living comfortably in a small space requires ingenuity and careful planning. Get expert tips to optimize storage and utilize multifunctional features. 

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About the show

Derek Diedricksen doesn't just make Tiny Houses, he creates micro masterpieces out of salvaged materials. Located in some of the world's most beautiful and at times treacherous locations, he prides himself on building the tiniest of structures that make the most of their surroundings. Viewers will follow along as this master miniature craftsman constructs paradise living in just a few hundred square feet.
Season 1, Episode 2

Glass Tiny House

The building team ventures into a small Massachusetts town for a family's backwoods tiny house project. Incorporating the natural elements of its surroundings, the home features a wall of glass windows, a clear cathedral ceiling and a stream flowing beneath its decks.

Dec 14
1pm | 12c

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