Before-and-After Makeovers From Secrets From a Stylist

Designer Emily Henderson layers different design styles to create stunning rooms tailored perfectly to each homeowner's style.
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November 25, 2014

Hollywood Country Club Living Room

Hollywood regency meets country club chic when Emily makes over a 1920s living room.

Before: Living Room

Though style-less, the living room has great architectural features, including high ceilings and a beautiful arched window. Homeowners Bobby and Hillary want to create a space perfect for entertaining and that's the focal point of the home. Emily determines that Hillary's style is Hollywood Regency, because of her love of glitz and glamour, while Bobby's style is country club chic, a more traditional look with a relaxed vibe.

Look #1: Hollywood Regency

For the first part of the makeover, Emily designs the living room in Hollywood Regency style. With the walls painted a light blue, a deep blue linen sofa takes center stage. To reflect the high style and high contrast look of Hollywood Regency, she paints the tables in the room a high-gloss white and hangs a vintage acrylic and brass chandelier in the center of the room.

Look #2: Hollywood Country Club

To bring in country club chic, Emily paints the walls a rich ochre. The fireplace is updated with a large-scale onyx herringbone tile, and the TV is hidden in a quirky yet traditional cabinet in an argyle pattern. Classic club chairs are chosen to fit the country club look, but are covered in gold velvet to add a touch of Hollywood Regency.

Mad Men Bohemian

Emily helps an artistic family find form and function while also reflecting their free-spirited style when she designs their living room.

Before: Living Room

It's time for Manesh and Sage's living room to receive a much-needed makeover. Though comfortable for their kids, the room needs to be a space for the whole family. Emily diagnoses Sage's style as bohemian flower child because she loves effortless design and a mixture of textues, while Manesh is Mad Men chic, a '60s modern, simple, structured look.

Look #1: Mad Men Chic

This look is sleek and streamlined with teak furniture and simple patterns. After getting inspired by a vintage sofa, Emily custom builds a tufted sofa that features high arms and a wood surround, but still has a low profile to keep the living room and dining room open concept. The walls are painted a warm, inviting gray, except for one accent wall, which is painted a bright orange. Also on the accent wall is a new custom-designed mid-century modern bookcase.

Look #2: Mad Men Bohemian

To add in the bohemian flower child style, Emily starts by redoing the accent wall, which now features vintage Japanese grass cloth wallpaper. A rustic coffee table sits in the center of the room and is flanked by two vintage armchairs. To creatively hid the TV, Emily builds a custom cabinet that is painted in white chalkboard paint to act as a canvas for the kids.

Before: Dining Room

Emily also takes on Manesh and Sage's dining room. They want to keep the furniture, since they're recent purchases and they like the simplicity of the pieces, but the space needs a designer's touch.

Look #1: Mad Men Chic

For the first look, simple changes are made. Artwork helps break up the negative space of the wall, while an orange area rug ties in with the orange accent wall.

Look #2: Mad Men Bohemian

A handmade Kilim area rug is the crowning jewel of the final dining room design, adding warmth and color to the space. Simple linen curtains are hung high above the windows to add height to the space, and the dining room chairs are reupholstered in an orange floral fabric. To flank the ends of the table, Emily brings in the couple's existing mid-century modern black chairs.

Single Malt Nouveau

Emily combines classic masculine design with vintage-inspired feminine style for a cozy, chic living room.

Before: Living Room

Joy and Bob recently moved in to a spacious tree-house-like condo in the hills of Silver Lake. While both consider themselves to be somewhat stylish, neither can agree on how to combine their very different tastes. Emily determines that Bob's style is single malt minimalism, a masculine, classic look with a lot of intrigue, while Joy's style is modern artsy nouveau, a mix of vintage-inspired, feminine and artistic designs.

Look #1: Modern Artsy Nouveau Living Room

For the first look, Emily decides to go over the top to help Joy appreciate Bob's minimalism style. To set the scene, Emily uses bold, graphic wallpaper in a metallic floral print and brings in vintage furniture, from a Victorian hot pink sofa to '70s chairs. A Moroccan-inspired Kilim rug grounds the space, and gold, floral and white accessories finish the look.

Look #1: Modern Artsy Nouveau Dining Room

Emily also takes the opportunity to make over the couple's empty dining room. For the full-on girly look, floral curtains flank the window and a hot pink table surrounded by the couple's existing Eames chairs takes center stage.

Look #2: Single Malt Nouveau Living Room

Emily creates a gallery wall that's structured without being too symmetrical of artwork from the couple's friends. Brass lamps flank the new cream sofa to reflect Joy's love of all things gilded, while chromes and woods are used to balance the glam and create a more masculine environment for Bob. To complete the look, Emily brings in a blue Moroccan rug and streamlined furnishings, like a stainless steel trunk and mid-century modern coffee table.

Look #2: Single Malt Nouveau Dining Room

For the final dining room look, a glass and chrome table replaces the hot pink one, and the walls are painted a subtle blue. A chevron blue-and-white area rug grounds the room.

Industrial Kitsch

Industrial, playful and kitsch all combine for a fun, colorful living and dining space in a converted 1927 Freemason Temple.

Before: Empty Loft

Evelyn and Micah are a quirky, fun-loving couple with a huge open concept, industrial loft, and no clue what to do with it. Emily decides that Evelyn's style is controlled kitsch, a fun, whimsical, colorful look, while Micah's style is industrial quirk, a mix of techie and industrial with a little bit of playfulness.

Look #1: Controlled Kitsch Living Room

Emily sets the scene for the first look by painting the walls a deep blue. Bright colors and abstract patterns are the hallmarks of this style and seen in the furnishings, pillows and quirky accessories, like vintage boxcars. A shag area rug adds texture to the space, which is offset by the clean lines of the '50s lamps.

Look #1: Controlled Kitsch Dining Room

A Formica table is surrounded by fiberglass chairs for a very mod yet vintage look. Globes from the '50s are the perfect kitschy centerpiece, and a blue-and-white graphic area rug defines the space.

Look #2: Industrial Kitsch Living Room

A wallpaper accent wall adds warmth and texture to the living room. While a lot of the furniture options from the first look remain, Emily mixes in some industrial furnishing, like the factory cart coffee table, to reflect Micah's style.

Look #2: Industrial Kitsch Dining Room

A more refined wood table and blue upholstered captain's chair tone down the '50s vibe from the first look. The room still features plenty of kitsch with DIY chandeliers made out of socket splitters and a fun centerpiece of salvaged architectural and design elements. Instead of buying one huge, expensive area rug, Emily saved money by buying three smaller area rugs and laying them next to each other.

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