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Emily Henderson's Dollar Store Candle Dress-Up

Make 99-cent-store candles into a glamorous bathroom accessory –– Secrets From a Stylist host Emily Henderson shows you how.

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From: Emily Henderson and Secrets From a Stylist

The Dollar Decorating Challenge

We asked Secrets From a Stylist host Emily Henderson to scour the 99-cent store to find bargain-bin pieces and transform them into designer accessories. For the bathroom, she adds pattern and glitz to a basic pillar candle. Here's how she does it.

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Start With a Simple Candle

We all know these simple white candles from the 99-cent store. "I even like them as-is and have used them at parties, lining the dining table or illuminating the living room," Emily says. "They are so simple and utilitarian that it makes them instantly chic and modern."

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Add Some Glamour

All it takes to transform these candles is some metallic leaf — you can use copper, gold or silver — and some creativity. Choose your favorite pattern, then get started! "A stripe is the easiest, but I also did a zig-zagged chevron and a freehand polka dot pattern," Emily says.

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Gather Your Materials

In addition to the simple glass candle, you'll need a small paintbrush, some leaf adhesive and your choice of metallic leaf.

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