How to Make a Hula-Hoop Chandelier

Thrifty design diva and host of Secrets From a Stylist Emily Henderson hits the dollar store to discover how to create a trendy chandelier on the cheap.

Chic and Cheap

Does your living room need a chic lighting update? Well, if you have two hours and $20, designer Emily Henderson has just the project for you. "I love this chandelier's graphic, modern look. It's large-scale but not visually heavy, and it couldn't be easier to make. Depending on your style and color palette, it could be any color — white for a modern loft, black for a more masculine look or hot pink for a trendy playful space," says Emily.

Gather Supplies

You'll need four hula hoops, two machine screws with matching bolts, a hot glue gun, a drill and a pendant light kit.

Begin Assembly

Drill holes in the tops and bottoms of two hula hoops. Slide one hula hoop into another and insert a machine screw through each end to secure it.

Continue Assembly

Emily's suggestions: "Position the first two hula hoops so they form an X, then bisect those with two more. Use a hot glue gun to keep the hoops in place or they will slip — just put a dab in between each one, top and bottom."

Secure With Bolts

Once you have all four hoops assembled, screw the nut onto the machine screw through each end. Emily says, "If you want to put this in your nursery or playroom, you could actually leave it unpainted; it's pretty cute as-is."

Choose a Paint Color

As this is going in a living room, Emily opted to paint it. "I debated between white and gold for a while, but ultimately chose gold because white wouldn't make much of an impact in my apartment," she says.

Add Light Kit and Hang

Follow manufacturers' instructions for wiring the pendant kit. Emily's tip: "The only part that gets tricky is deciding how to run the cord. The hula hoops are big enough to actually run the cord through them but not with the screw in there, so I just wound it around. As long as the cord is the same color (or close) you won't notice it."

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