20 Laundry Room Makeover Ideas for Any Budget

Whether you’re looking for clever tweaks that won’t break the bank or a complete overhaul, these laundry room makeover ideas are guaranteed to freshen up your space.

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October 16, 2020

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Add a Dutch Door

Trade a ho-hum exterior door for a retro charmer, like this one, and gain a bit of fresh air in the process. Would you rather split an interior entryway? With a bit of elbow grease, you can DIY a Dutch door cheaply and beautifully.

Get the how-to: How to Make a DIY Interior Dutch Door

Get Creative With Cabinetry

Consider how a single cutout drawer completely changes the look and functionality of this space. This clever cutout clears the countertop and makes a key accessory instantly accessible. It’s well worth your while to consider what you use most frequently and think outside the box.

Tile the Walls

For a durable, dramatic look that’s as practical as it is handsome, try an eye-catching tile. This geometric black and white tile brings a splashy and splash-resistant visual impact.

Create Contrast With Appliances

Try as you might, there’s no escaping the fact that your washer and dryer will most likely be visible. Instead of attempting to camouflage them, choose colors and accessories that flaunt your machinery. In a neutral space, have your washer and dryer function as statement pieces.

Add an Island

In a downright massive space, like this one, there’s plenty of room to forgo countertops and cabinetry along some of the walls in favor of a multipurpose workspace. This island looks luxe, thanks to its handsome stone topper and black stain, but a simple island can be added without spending a fortune.


Swap in a Pendant

Since they’re not major gathering spaces, laundry rooms are notorious for being the very last spots to receive lighting upgrades. The rustic chandelier in this space is unquestionably its star, giving the laundry room distinction and character.

From: Premier Estate Properties, Inc. and Luxury Portfolio International®

Paint the Ceiling

Create an unexpected and dramatic design moment by going bold overhead. A hue like mint green is just the ticket in this laundry room, where it accents the tiny foxgloves on the wallpaper, making the space feel tailored and intentional.

Integrate a Pet Station

While four-legged family members certainly can dodge foot traffic and take meals in the kitchen, why not give them a dedicated space in a low traffic area? If you’ve got the space, your laundry area can double as a spot to stash your pet's food and water.

Create a Nook

When a home office isn’t in the cards, repurposing a corner of the laundry room as a desk area is an effective way to double functionality. An added bonus? You can catch up on other chores while you’re waiting to swap out a load of wash.

Build In an Ironing Board

Installing a built-in ironing board that disappears when it’s not in use and takes up zero floor space: $200 or less. Never banging into a freestanding ironing board again: priceless.

Switch to Open Shelving

Lighten up the look of your space by doing away with cabinet doors and letting your supplies see the light of day. This will make your laundry must-haves be more accessible and within reach.

Install a Drying Rack

This inexpensive, custom feature adds function to an unused corner and infuses it with a bit of country style. Painted to match the laundry room walls, it’ll disappear when not in use.

Hang a Utility Rod

Install this handy accessory above your washer and dryer to hang your delicates. If you’re working with a space between two cabinets, the addition is even simpler – just deploy a tension rod braced between the cabinets.

Style Your Countertops

You don't have to embellish your laundry room's counters with too many items to make a statement. A handful of accessories will infuse the space with personality, without gobbling up work surfaces. Here, a small potted plant and a rustic chalkboard make a great visual impact.

Corral Loose Items in Glassware

Develop a habit of decanting everything from powdered detergent to bags of wooden clothespins into simple storage vessels. This trick helps your supplies become more attractive and accessible all at the same time.

Unfurl an Area Rug

Add texture and softness to a space that often has little of either by bringing in a bit of visual interest underfoot. If your laundry room doubles as a mudroom, deploy an indoor-outdoor rug that will clean up easily.

Roll Out Graphic Wallpaper

Designers have long argued that functional spaces like powder bathrooms cry out for funky wall treatments like bright wallpaper. Why shouldn’t laundry rooms share some of that love? Consider them the new “jewel boxes."

Try a Window Treatment

Taking the time to customize your laundry room’s windows is well worth the effort and expense. This neutral space is made cheerful with the addition of the graphic purple and white Roman shade.

Upgrade the Sink and Hardware

If you’re looking to maximize drama with a minor change, try replacing your existing fixtures with luxe, brass versions. If you’re ready to really reimagine your room, think big with a massive porcelain sink that's both durable and attractive.

Display Dramatic Art

With the addition of a single painting in supersaturated tones, this forgettable laundry room becomes a sleek space. What a difference a canvas makes!

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