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Renovation Island: The Big Blue

July 26, 2020

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler and crew are in deep as the date of the resort's grand opening is on the horizon — and renovations are still underway on the main clubhouse, dining room, spa and bar. Meanwhile the resort gets christened with an official new name honoring its ties to the sea.

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The Road Ahead

As the Baeumlers' time on the island approaches a year, and their crew grows in size and skill, work continues on the core elements of the renovation.

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Ocean Breezes

Though the setting is paradise, the Baeumlers' stakes are high. They've taken a huge risk, and the restoration and resurrection of the island resort continues to present challenges. They've run into unforeseen repairs, new expenses, logistical restraints with getting materials to the island and an expanding budget.

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The Big Picture

Plans and designs are coming together, but there's still lots of work to do on the main block of hotel rooms, the individual villas and the clubhouse, kitchen and restaurant.

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Heavy Cargo

Sarah and Adam check on newly shipped-in building materials.

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