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Renovation Island: Paradise in Progress & The Eye of the Storm

With just two months until the planned opening of the restored Caerula Mar resort, construction challenges continue for Bryan and Sarah Baumler — but things are beginning to fall into place for a successful launch including completion of the four beachfront signature villas. Hurricane Dorian, howerver, has some surprises in store.

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Blue Skies and Smooth Sailing

“We’re just two months away from soft opening," says Bryan Baeumler. "So far, we’ve completed three of the 22 villas on the property, and finishes on the hotel rooms [in the main hotel block] are underway."

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Critical Mass

The pool area is now complete, but the clubhouse is still under construction. "Finishing that, along with the gym and spa," says Bryan, "will ensure that our guests have the amenities they expect."

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The Main Block

Work continues on the main hotel rooms, including installation of a/c units and interior improvements to the individual rooms.

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Tropical Flora

A crew member tends the new landscaping in preparation for the resort's soft opening.

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