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Renovation Island: The Adventure Begins

July 05, 2020

Renovation pros and Canada natives Bryan and Sarah Baeumler took the risk of a lifetime, uprooting their family and livelihoods, to take on an epic endeavor — restoring and renovating an abandoned resort on the Bahamian island of South Andros. This is how the story begins.

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Sarah and Bryan Baeumler

We're leaving our home and business behind for a huge family adventure. We're renovating and restoring a rundown resort in paradise. This is the biggest change our family has faced and the largest scale project we've ever taken on. What are we risking? Absolutely everything.
—Bryan Baeumler

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Meet the Baeumler Family

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, and their four kids, at home prior to relocating to the Bahamas

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The Bauemler Home, Pre-Adventure

Bryan Baeumler is a contractor, and his wife Sarah has a keen eye and natural knack for design. Neither has any experience or knowledge of what it takes to run a resort hotel in the tropics. But before that even begins, they'll have to repair damage to the facility from years of neglect.

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The Bauemler Home, Pre-Adventure

Bryan, Sarah and their family of six led a comfortable and fairly ordinary life in the U.S. All of that was about to change.

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