30 Mina Starsiak Rooms That Just Make Us Happy

The Good Bones star has a knack for turning old, rundown buildings into gorgeous new homes, but it’s the smart, trendy details she adds that have wowed us for four seasons now.

October 21, 2019

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Meet Mina

If we had to name Mina Starsiak’s design style, we’d call it “trendy with charm.” The rooms she styles — along with her mother Karen E. Laine — are just so happy. Take a look at our favorite rooms and vignettes designed by Mina. We guarantee you’ll want to copy at least one, if not all, of these spaces.

Color Without Commitment

You don’t have to paint the walls to have a colorful room. One of the ways Mina plays with color is with furniture. This teal sofa and mustard Victorian chair pack a bold, bright combo that Mina also riffed from in the area rug and throw pillows. The space feels full of color even though the walls are plain white. This approach is also a great way to add color to a rental if you’re not allowed to paint.

Statement Cabinets

White cabinets are classic, but these emerald cabinets are gorgeous. Sometimes darker cabinets can make a kitchen look cramped, but this space feels airy. Mina added open shelving and a light gray fish scale backsplash to balance the heavy jewel tone.

Modern Serenity

The homes that Mina and Karen find and renovate usually don’t have much space in the bathrooms. But in this master suite, they had the square footage to add a soaking tub. The muted blues and greens, light wood and white marble make this space feel like fancy hotel bathroom.

Light vs. Dark

One of Mina’s signature design moves is the contrast between heavy and light colors. In this open-concept living room, the dark leather sofa and rustic coffee table anchor an otherwise airy room with white walls, white throws and a dove gray area rug.

Cool Kitsch

Mina is a rockstar at creating retro rooms with kitsch that’s cool, not cheesy. This entertaining space has '70s-tastic furniture, but the white and trendy powder-pink palette is much lighter than traditional '70s rooms.

Velvet on Velvet

Here’s another example of Mina using large pieces of furniture to carry color in a space. And color always looks better in velvet.

Pink Layers

By choosing a white bedspread, Mina created a base in this bedroom for layering pinks in various hues. We love the way she played off the different pinks in the painting and used the same colors throughout the room.

Statement Chairs

This open, eat-in kitchen is trendy but not fussy. It’s a great mix of new and old. The blue velvet chairs are pretty fancy for a kitchen, but they contrast perfectly with the traditional-style wooden table.

Mid Mod Love

Mina loves using jewel tones, especially in furniture. And this emerald green sofa is #goals. This vignette from an upstairs living room has lowkey Mad Men vibes with the geometric wallpaper and throw pillows, but it doesn’t scream '60s.

Preppy Bohemian

Mina and Karen do boho-style so well. This in-law suite is fun and funky, yet it still looks elegant.

Rug Goals

Another of Mina’s signature design moves is taking a bold area rug and riffing off the color palette for everything else in the room. This rug has cool blues and a rich burnt orange color that you can see repeated everywhere in the room, from the blue sofa to the rust-colored coffee table.

All About Balance

Light vs. dark always creates dynamic tension in a space. And this kitchen is full of it. The deep slate blue island is topped with a bright, white countertop. The dark brown hardwood flooring is contrasted by the crisp white cabinets. Even the orange items added for styling are complementary colors (total opposites on the color wheel) to the blue island and backsplash.

Cozy and Chic

How cute is this master bedroom? Cottage style gets a bad reputation for being dowdy, but this room feels like a hip, Anthropologie floor display even though it’s taking tons of plays from the cottage-style playbook: white furniture, tons of florals and pastel hues. The secret is mixing in sleek, modern furniture to balance the romantic textiles.

Best of Both Worlds

Remember this Fountain Square house from last season? There’s no way we’d forget this kitchen. Sure, it’s high end with Carrara marble cabinet pulls, but it’s also accessible with butcher-block countertops and mismatched chairs. That’s one of the reasons we love Mina and Karen’s designs so much. The spaces are fancy and pretty, but they feel like home.

Symmetry Goals

This attic bedroom is cute, cute, cute. We love the way Mina and Karen designed the space around the central window. If you want to outfit your guest bedroom with a pair of twin beds, follow Mina's symmetrical lead and style the beds so they're a mirror image.

Boho Vibes

This boho home gym actually makes us excited about working out. You don’t need a full, extra bedroom to get the look at home. You can easily create a boho workout nook with a small, global-inspired rug (or even a printed yoga mat), macrame plant hanger and woven storage basket.

Pop of Florals

Mina and Karen love color, but sometimes they switch gears and let a neutral be the star. As seen in the Hosbrook House from season one, this master bedroom is all about the rich, almost-black dark brown. The only pop of color is the floral area rug.

Always On-Trend

This kitchen from season three checks all the trend boxes: white and gray cabinets, Persian-inspired runner, industrial-style lighting and there’s even a tiny Chinoiserie planter in the corner.

Playing With Pink

If there’s one color Mina and Karen love, it’s pink. It pops up in almost every house they’ve renovated and staged. But it never reads too girly. That’s because it’s always balanced by other colors. In this master bedroom, Mina created a primary color triad riffing off the three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. But in this room it’s pink, slate and mustard.

Organic Decor

White on white can look a bit too sterile or just read bland, but this loft living room from season three is anything but boring. There is a lot of white going on, but there’s also a great mix of dark neutrals to balance it out. And this space plays with a lot of organic texture, from the live-edge coffee table to the cowhide rug.

Smart Layers

Mina and Karen are the layer queens. They really know how to keep your eye moving in a space. The bed in this master bedroom is a great example. Your eye is drawn up from the bold floral coverlet to the pillows to the super-high wingback headboard to the sculptural statement art.

Seeing Green

This living room from season two is a vision in chartreuse. And that statement wall is so fun. Red and green might not seem like an obvious color combo but, as color opposites, they create a strong, dynamic balance. This room doesn’t scream Christmas because the tones are different from the holiday hues. The red used is more of a dark rust and the greens are light and bright.

Sophisticated Style

We don’t see a lot of kids’ rooms on Good Bones and that needs to change because this playroom is too cute. Also, how chic is this tea party?

More Boho Vibes

Mina and Karen do boho so well. This music room is from the same house as the bohemian home gym. And it’s another great example of the two riffing from the primary color wheel but with a muted spin.

Think Pink

We told you they like pink! Here, powder pink is used in the shower curtain, mat and towels but the space doesn’t feel too girly. Thanks in part to the wood tones in the double vanity balancing the light, airy pink.

Bold Colors

One of the reasons Mina and Karen don’t paint the walls bold colors on the show is because they’re selling the homes. The walls need to be neutral enough that a prospective buyer could see themselves in the space. But that doesn’t mean the two don’t go bold with decor. This living room is all about rich royal blue and vibrant mustard yellow.

Reclaimed Space

A lot of the older homes Mina and Karen renovate in Indianapolis have a wide landing upstairs, between the bedrooms. And Mina is not about wasted space. In the show, they typically turn these areas into an additional living room. We love the eclectic, '70s vibe in this loft space.

Chic Storage

Yes, the marble tile is super luxe and gorgeous in this bathroom, but the best part of this space is the brass tea cart. Instead of a bulky, wooden hutch, this tiny cart feels open and airy like the all-white tile.

Statement Walls

When Mina and Karen tackled a condo renovation for Mina’s sister in season four, one of the rooms on the list was for Mina’s niece. Since this wasn’t a typical flip project, they were able to play with fun wallpaper like this floral statement wall.

Old Meets New

In one of the show's first episodes, Mina and Karen created this home office nook from extra space upstairs. We love the steamer trunk-style desk paired with a modern lucite chair.

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